Tuk Tuk Through Thailand: Exploring Regions You May Live in While Teaching in the Land of Smiles

A common question from applicants is regarding where you may live while teaching in Thailand. While travel blogs and Insta-feeds will dazzle you with Bangkok city-scapes and the crystalline waters of Koh Phi Phi, it’s important to realize that these big tourist areas are usually not where the greatest need for English teachers are and can be the most difficult placements to secure. The most common placements for our partner schools are in the towns that your bus may stop at between these bigger cities. We’re going to highlight some of our favorite placement regions and what to do there!

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It’s common to be drawn to cities that you’ve heard of time and time again, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret: the best experiences you’ll have in Thailand are in the places you’ll never see on the travel blogs. In light of this information, I invite you to join me for a virtual tuk-tuk ride through Thailand. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be diving into off-the-beaten-path 

How does the placement process work? 

Once you enroll in our program, you’ll begin working with the Placements and Admissions teams. They will ask you about your preferences in terms of age range, town size, and region, as well as get an idea of your own personal teaching experience prior to your teaching abroad experience. Of these factors, they will find out which is the biggest priority for you and aim to meet that preference first, then tick as many boxes as they can in addition to that. Ultimately, it comes down to what is available when you’re heading over, and how long the Placements team has to source your placements (which is why enrolling early is always better!). 

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Where are placements located? 

Our partner school network has placements all throughout Thailand. Thailand is most typically split into four regions, which are further divided into provinces. We’ve got teachers in nearly every province of Thailand, so you’re always near other foreign teachers, even in more rural areas. 

Regional Highlights

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this adventure through Thailand’s regions! Here’s a taste of some of the exciting stops along the way. Which one are you most excited about?

Northern Thailand

sunset over mountains in thailand and people on scooters
Sunset scooter rides in Thailand are always nice, but those mountains in the distance sure do sweeten the pot!

A personal favorite of mine, Northern Thailand is home to the second biggest city in the kingdom. When teaching in the North, you can spend weekends in the bustling Chiang Mai night markets, tour the historical capital of Sukhothai, or get lost in a traditional small-town festival in Tak or Lampang. Foods such as khao soi and khao kha moo originated here, and the weather actually gets cold enough to need a jacket in the winter! Enjoy being surrounded by mountains that make sunset views quite serendipitous! 

Isaan (Eastern) Region

Throw on a Chang jersey and root for the home team at a football match in your town!

The Isaan region is probably the most underrated region of Thailand but is slowly gaining popularity with tourists thanks to its incredible food and notably unique culture. Known for many years as “the rice bowl,” Isaan provinces have much more to offer than their (significant) agricultural importance. While teaching in the Isaan region, you can see wild elephants at Khao Yai National Park, catch a Buriram United Football match at the Chang Arena, or eat your fill of larb and nom tok. 

Central Thailand

The second capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya. Photo by Alice on Unsplash

Home to Bangkok, Thailand’s Central region is surrounded by lots of other awesome attractions. In the greater Bangkok area, you can find all the comforts of home and get your big city fix (something that’s hard to do elsewhere in Thailand). Spend the weekend in Kanchanaburi, where you can swim in the Erawan waterfalls and ride on the historic Death Railway. We couldn’t leave out Lop Buri, where you can see a city taken over by mischievous monkey colonies!

Southern Region

When you see lights like these, get ready for music, dancing, and the best Thai street food your bahts can buy!

Southern Thailand is what you likely imagine when you think of Thailand. With popular islands and beaches, there’s no shortage of reasons to enjoy this region. Though placements in the south are more scarce, you’ll surely pop down at some point during your travels! Get scuba certified in Koh Tao, stroll through Songkhla’s old town, or try to spot a wild dugong in Trang. 

Grab your backpack and camera – the adventure starts this week!

Stay tuned for the first installment of this tuktuk through Thailand coming this Friday! We’ll be diving into my favorite region – the North! 

Can’t wait that long? Submit your inquiry today to get in touch with our expert Enrollment Consultants to begin planning your own life-changing adventure Teaching in Thailand!

About Brooke Mazac

Brooke is a qualified English Teacher and Enrollments Coordinator at TravelBud. She taught conversational English in a small town called Tak in Thailand. Teaching English to kindergarten children made her feel like an absolute celebrity and their hugs and laughs brightened every day she spent at her school.

As an enrollments coordinator she helps people get things rolling when they are looking to teach abroad with TravelBud. She answers questions, put fears to rest, and gets them excited about their new experience. Read more about Brooke →

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