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What we offer

At TravelBud we offer unique teaching opportunities around the world, ideal for those looking to gain international work experience while immersing themselves in a foreign culture. It is our greatest joy to offer opportunities to graduates for longer term work experiences abroad, as well as to undergraduates during their studies. We firmly believe that regardless of your area of study, the work abroad experience can offer transferable skills, open students up to a new world perspective and offer something unique as a standout for future employment opportunities.

Teaching abroad teaches valuable skills such as cultural sensitivity for a global work arena, time management, adaptability to a new environment and global networking opportunities with fellow students around the world. We feel that all of these are key elements to success. 

The TravelBud team is dedicated to providing holistic programs around the world. Our team have all taught abroad ourselves and offer a unique blend of fun and engaging program elements, a young and dynamic team that can resonate with your students, as well as a high level of professionalism to ensure the programs are a success!

For Graduates

For those who have graduated, you can apply to any of our holistically crafted paid teaching programs around the world.

Our programs include:

  • Guaranteed job placements at top schools / carefully vetted schools
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Internationally Accredited TEFL certification (online or in-class) 
  • Full week of cultural orientation.
  • Thailand

    • Our programs in Thailand include our internationally accredited TEFL certification in the beach town of Hua Hin and placement options in small towns and larger cities throughout the country where you can teach for as little as one semester, a full year, or even longer, while earning an average monthly salary of $1100 USD.
    • For our full program page information click here.
  • South Korea

    • In South Korea you can choose to complete our online TEFL certification and secure your job placement before arriving in Korea or join our award-winning in-person TEFL certification course on the outskirts of Seoul. Placements are for a minimum of 12 months and are renewable and we offer placement year-round and throughout the country at both public schools and private language centers.
    • For our full program page information click here.
  • Costa Rica

    • Pura Vida in Costa Rica! Get TEFL certified and brush up on your Spanish in the mountainous Costa Rican valley of Palmares and teach highly motivated young adults for 6 months, a year, or longer.
    • For our full program page information click here.
  • Japan

    • Choose to complete our online TEFL certification and secure your job placement before arriving in Japan or join our in-person TEFL certification course in Nagoya. Placements are for a minimum of 12 months and are renewable and we offer placement year-round and throughout the country at both public schools and private language centers.
    • For our full program page information click here.
  • Vietnam

    • Earn your TEFL certification in Ho Chi Minh City. Placements are available throughout the country year-round at both public schools and private language centers.Teach for 6 months, a full year, or longer and earn $1400 on average per month.
    • For our full program page information click here.
  • Myanmar

    • Get TEFL certified in Yangon, Myanmar’s capital city. Choose to teach for 6 months, a full year, or longer at private language schools in Yangon and surrounding towns. Earn $700 to $1200 USD per month.
    • For our full program page information click here.

For Undergraduates

Earn academic credit during your summer or winter semester break while getting TEFL certified and completing a teaching internship in one of our 6 destinations.

We also offer a unique opportunity to complete a paid internship through our summer teaching internships in Thailand and Myanmar.

Our programs are a perfect fit for students looking to gain international work experience, earn their TEFL certification, grow on both a personal and professional level, and immerse themselves in a new and foreign cultural environment.

Undergraduates may think they’re taking a step back or a halt in their education journey by taking a year off but nothing could be further from the truth.

They’re actually fast tracking themselves through:

  • Learning independence
  • Learning how you react to different situations
  • Learning how to master and grow your confidence in public speaking
  • Learning how to overcome obstacles 
  • Learning about yourself through your own personal self discovery
  • Learning how to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself

These would normally take much longer in a normal, sheltered environment and wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

When you do head back home, you’re not just another resume in a pile of resumes – you are someone different who’s done something interesting and rewarding.

Browse a selection of blog articles from our past alumni to get insight into the many lessons, skills and self-growth you will experience.

People who are able to reflect on their experiences will give them an edge in their interview, no matter what industry or profession. Read why working abroad boosts your employability.

Faculty Information

At Travelbud we aim to tailor our service to the needs of your institution.

Whether you are a faculty member looking for tailor made programs in one of our countries or a careers advisor looking for opportunities for your graduates, we can help. 

Typical programs we organize for faculty members and their students range from 3 weeks to 6 months and may be for individuals or groups. 

An example of an 8-week program we offer in Costa Rica entails spending 8 weeks during your summer break in Costa Rica earning our internationally accredited TEFL certification, learning Spanish and all about Costa Rica’s unique history, politics and “Pura Vida” way of life, going on fun and enriching cultural excursions, and completing a 4-week teaching internship while earning 6 academic credits.



Are you hoping to earn credits while on your program? Due to the rigorous nature of our OTTSA accredited training programs, we have found most Schools and Universities are happy to award credit and have successfully worked with many institutions to facilitate this for their students. 

The simplest route forward is to discuss with your academic advisor or tutor to see if this is possible, then we can provide any necessary details of the training and practicum elements of the program. They will also be able to advise whether these credits can be substituted for elective or even required courses. 

Should you wish to register externally for credit, please let us know and we can help you register as a remote student at a credit offering institution. 


The TEFL courses forming part of TravelBud’s programs are formally accredited by the Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency OTTSA.

To ensure standards are met, this involves a regular audit. With an accredited course you know that there is a system of checks being made by the moderators on the course provider to ensure that standards, procedures and materials are appropriate, fit for their purpose, up to date and regularly updated, and that there are systems in place to monitor and give feedback on student progress.

How are we different?

We have all taught abroad ourselves and grown immensely from the experience, both on a personal and professional level.

Much more than just a TEFL course or a job placement, our programs are carefully designed to provide what we know will guarantee the most culturally immersive, and growth-enhancing experience possible to all our participants.

All our programs include a TEFL certification tailored to the country you’ll be teaching in, 2 full days of teaching practice in a local school before you start your placement, a guaranteed placement at a carefully vetted partner school, an in-depth culture and language orientation, thorough pre-departure support, professional development and self-reflection workshops, and 24/7 in-country support throughout our programs.


George Mason University

George Mason University partners with TravelBud on several programs.

The staff members at TravelBud have been creative, intentional, communicative, and responsive since the beginning of our partnership and it has been a pleasure working with them on our shared program goals.


Also collaborating with:

  • UC Riverside
  • University of Indianapolis
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • University of Michigan and more.

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