TravelBud Author: Brooke Mazac

Brooke is a qualified English Teacher and Enrollments Coordinator at TravelBud. She taught conversational English in a small town called Tak in Thailand. Teaching English to kindergarten children made her feel like an absolute celebrity and their hugs and laughs brightened every day she spent at her school.

As an enrollments coordinator she helps people get things rolling when they are looking to teach abroad with TravelBud. She answers questions, put fears to rest, and gets them excited about their new experience. Read more about Brooke →

A Quarantine Culture Trip Through Vietnam

A Quarantine Culture Trip Through Vietnam

With many of us hitting the two-month mark in our COVID-19 experience, things are probably getting…. weird. Enter: A quarantine culture trip through Vietnam! Whether you’ve blown through your Netflix watch list, downed the last of your wine stash, suffered Carpal...

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