Program Fees

We outline the entire process you’ll follow to realise the dream of teaching abroad, from all pre-departure support, to guaranteeing you a job in one of our trusted and vetted schools and supporting you during your entire experience.

Our knowledgable, experienced and passionate enrolment and support teams guide and support you every step of the way both before you leave your home country and once you arrive in-country.

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With TravelBud, you’ll always be talking to someone who has taught abroad before, so you’ll get informed, first-hand advice to guide, prepare and support you before, during and after your experience.

  • We guarantee you a teaching job in carefully vetted and trusted schools where every effort is made to match placement preferences.
  • We'll explain all the paperwork, visas, contracts, taxes, work hours, budgets, requirements, responsibilities and answer all of your questions to help ease any anxieties.
  • We guide you through everything you need before you depart to Thailand and from the moment you touch down, you'll continue to receive peace of mind 24/7 support from our in-country team who will be on hand for you throughout your placement.

We’re Here to Help

We’ll answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way!