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Accommodation In South Korea: Explained By English Teachers

Stu Brown

January 30, 2017

One of the major benefits of teaching English in South Korea as an employment path or a gap-year option is the free accommodation provided to all teachers by the school that employs them, and with accommodation typically costing around 700 USD per month in first world South Korea, this is a major financial boost for those teaching English in South Korea.

Accommodation in South Korea as well as the majority of Asian countries generally consists of a double bed, TV, bathroom with shower, kitchen, desk, and some living space.

Bedroom and living room

Teachers in South Korea are provided with a 1-bedroom apartment which typically includes all of the aforementioned. It is important to note however that apartments in South Korea and most of Asia are very much open planned with one’s bed, TV and sofa often all belonging in one room while.

The kitchen

The kitchen’s in South Korean apartments consist of a stove, oven, microwave, and fridge and freezer.

The bathroom

Much like the rest of Asia, South Korean apartments come with all-in-one bathrooms. Meaning, the toilet, sink and shower are all in one room with no shower curtain or door existing. One can however be a bit more fortunate and be blessed with a shower curtain but it is best to be prepared for having the typical all-in-one bathroom. This is just another element of this teach abroad experience that you will get used to over time.

Cupboard space

The accommodation provided for English teachers in South Korea tends to involve enough cupboard space to cater for Westerners.


Not all apartments for English teachers in South Korea come with balconies but some do and, depending where you are placed in the country, they can boast some exquisite views.

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