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What It’s Really Like Teaching In Thailand

Stu Brown

June 6, 2018

Amanda Mathies, a 23-year old from Southern California, USA, taught in Thailand for a year and sat down with us to explain what it’s really like teaching English in Thailand.

There are many aspects of traveling and working abroad that can seem quite daunting to some and one never knows exactly what to expect when flying across the world to live and work in a foreign country.

Teaching English in Thailand in particular comes with many surprises which you can’t really prepare for. Amanda explains what her teaching experience has been like after 8 months of teaching, how she has been treated as a woman in Thailand, how safe it is in Thailand, what advice she has for others wanting to teach in Thailand, and more.

We asked Amanda the following questions:

  • Were you nervous before you went to Thailand?
  • Were your parents nervous about you going to Thailand?
  • What’s the transport like?
  • Do you like living in Bangkok?
  • Do you like Thai Food?
  • Can you find all your products in Thailand?
  • What are the hospitals like?
  • How safe is Thailand?
  • How are teachers treated in Thailand?
  • How are women treated in Thailand?
  • Is there any part of your experiences that you would change?
  • What will you miss the most about living in Thailand?
  • What advice do you have for someone considering teaching in Thailand?

Teaching English in Thailand truly offers an enriching adventure in one of the most idyllic countries in the world. It pushes your boundaries, gets you out of your comfort zones and you are bound to grow as a person through the amazing people you will meet, the new culture you will immerse yourself in, the places you will explore, the students you will teach, and the lessons you will learn.

The Teach English in Thailand journey is filled to the brim with adventure, cultural enrichment, and independence.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gap-year experience, a break from the corporate Western world, or simply wish to sustain your travels while earning a salary teaching English to Thai students, teaching in Thailand will above and beyond give you what you are looking for!

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