10 of the Best Music Festivals in Southeast Asia

When you think of Southeast Asia, you think rich culture, travelling and delicious food amongst other things. Music festivals are not what comes to mind, well that needs to change because over past decade, the music festival scene here has been growing incredibly fast. Already dominating the world when it comes to travelling and teach English abroad programs, it’s only a matter of time until Southeast Asia’s music festivals become household names.

With most of our teach English abroad programs based in Southeast Asia, we thought it would be appropriate to compile a list in no particular order, of the best music festivals in the region.

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Wonderfruit Thailand

wonderfruit festival Thailand, 2017.

Music, lights, colors and a stunning setting.

First up is one of our favorites – Wonderfruit, hosted in Pattaya, Thailand. This must attend festival is one of the most unique festivals in all of Southeast Asia. It has a focus on so many different themes: music, art, farming, family, health and adventure as well as inspirational talks. Unlike your normal music festivals that focus on making sure you have the best music experience, here they focus on ensuring you leave having learnt a great deal, contributed to the movement and are ultimately a better person.

Having said that, as the likes of Woodstock ’69 showed us, nobody knows how to party harder than people looking to make a change or statement in the world. This is why this festival can pull an eclectic collection of international and local music acts that span the spectrum of musical moods and genres.

“Their mission is to foster creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community that celebrates them” – Wonderfruit.com

Wonder fruit festival Thailand

A perfect surrounding enjoying live music.

When: 13-16 December

Where: Siem Country Club, Pattaya, Thailand

How much: $138 Weekend Pass


Zoukout Festival 2015

DJ Martin Garrixx showing Singapore some love at Zoukout 2016.

Often described as a tribe rather than a festival. This two-day gathering of about 30 000 ravers is ideal for an all energy experience! The fact that it’s located in Sentosa, a man-made island just off the coast of Singapore and the most expensive in southeast Asia, makes for an experience you won’t forget.

This super party has been around since 2013 and with Sentosa’s Siloso beach as a venue there are sure to be many more years of it to come. Big international acts such as Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have graced the Zoukout stage.

Zoukout for the ravers, Jakarta

Crowd going crazy for the music.

When: Usually held around first weekend of December.

Where: Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore

How much: $160 general admission


We the fest, Jarkata

A colorful celebration of culture.

Known to those who attend annually as a celebration of life, this festival gathers more than 50,000 people into a space where diversity is embraced and conservatism is challenged. The festival is hosted at the Jakarta International Expo Center, a huge corporate venue turned stomping ground for the duration of the festival.

Sure, most westerners need to see mud, camping and filthy long drops to feel like they are at a festival. This place is different, Indonesia is still a very conservative country, so to see girls in hijabs stomping is a massive credit to the merging of tradition and modern culture in this festival.

Girls at WETHEFEST, looking sharp, Jarkata.

One of the most unique music festivals on the entire globe.

When: 20 July – 22 July

Where: Jakarta International Expo

How much: 1,600,000 IDR ($110) for a 3 day Pass

Ultra Music festival

Singapore Ultra music festival

The home of EDM.

Ah, what can you say about Ultra that Ultra goers haven’t already said? It is quite literally the ultimate EDM festival. This festival was established in Miami and has undoubtedly become the biggest EDM touring festival in the world. You can find it in Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Spain and many more. It has also moved to Southeast Asia where Bali, Bangkok and Singapore have their own renditions. Artists such as Carl Cox and David Guetta are regulars.

Where: Bali, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila,

How much: $120-$170


Epizode Music festival

A great place to feel the spirit of music and make a connection with people.

Phu Quoc with its stunning beaches and magical sunsets is already an amazing experience for most visitors. Add 11 days of funky beats and incredible art and you get a ravers paradise. This festival takes New Years celebrations to the next level. Their 130 international acts will have you two-stepping all the way into the New Year!

epizode Music fest

The feeling of touching happiness.

When: 28 December to 8 January

Where: Phu Quoc island, Vietnam

How much: $170 3-Days Multi Pass

DJakarta Warehouse Project

DJakarta wharehouse project, Indonesia.

DJ Hardwell giving the crowd what they want in Jakarta.

Another festival held in Jakarta on our list. This festival has been around since 2014 and has been at the forefront of the EDM scene in Southeast Asia. It was first developed as an underground blockhouse party by some of the city’s biggest nightclubs. It soon grew into an internationally recognized mega festival featuring the likes of Flume, What So Not and Armin van Buuren.

So if you’re looking for an authentic underground warehouse feel to go with your filthy beats and insane UV light display, than this festival is for you! You’ll leave this party having had a real electro experience.

When: 7-10 December

Where: GWK Cultural Park, Bali, Indonesia

How much: 1,600,000 IDR ($110)

Neverland Manila

Neverland Manila Young Gunz 2017 (3)-L

Young Gunz playing at Neverland.

This has been hailed as the biggest music festival in the Philippines. Neverland is also a touring international festival franchise. The crowd here is always ready to head bang until the early hours of the morning. It’s been described as Tomorrowland in a day.

What makes this festival unique is the stage design and set. Built a month in advance of the festival it sure knows how to grasp the audience’s imagination, not to mention the larger than life smoke guns, fireworks and water cannons.

neverland manila 2016

Ravers from all over the world.

When: October

Where: Circuit Makati, Manila, Philippines

How much: $125 Weekend Pass

Rainforest World Music festival

Rainforest world Music Festival

Not too many place like this in the world.

The name of the festival already sets the scene for what you should expect. It’s a collective celebration of diversity in music, art, spirituality and nature. With the backdrop of the Borneo jungle, this event has a tribal feel to it which is a massive hit for the crowd from all corners of the globe.

What sets this festival apart is during daytime, there’s an array of music workshops done by indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo. Loads of crafts are displayed throughout the festival, food stalls as well as cultural displays.


Daily music workshop during the day.

When: Mid August

Where: Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia

How much: $94 Weekend Pass

The Ship

The Ship festival, Singapore

Party on a cruise ship.

If you’re looking for a non-stop party for four days and 3 nights, best you board The Ship – Asia’s largest festival at sea! Started way back in 2013 as a booze cruise for a few mates has become the ultimate party cruise of Southeast Asia.

It’s set on a luxurious cruise ship that takes you from Singapore to Bangkok and back again. Featuring international acts to keep you entertained throughout and loads of festivities along the way, this is the best way to kick start your vacation.

When: 4-7 November

Where: Singapore-Bangkok-Singapore

Big Mountain Music festival

Big mountain festival

A festival on top of Khao Yai .

This has quickly become one of the standout musical festivals in Southeast Asia. It takes place over two days and features 9 stages and 200 acts. Most of the artists are Thai but there are a few international acts also. It focuses on showcasing the very best of Thai music, mainly focusing on Thailand’s Luk-Thung country music and Moh-Lam folk songs but the festival does also include international acts.

When: 8-9 December

Where: Phetchaburi, Thailand

How much: $80

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