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Have you seen the Moonwalking Bear?

Stu Brown

Stu Brown

January 18, 2017

Justin Woods, the Moonwalking Bear, has released a classic on Youtube showcasing his wild adventure Moonwalking across 5 different countries in Southeast Asia. Devoting his time to teaching English in Vietnam in 2013, Justin saved up his earnings and hit the open road through Southeast Asia in 2014.

“From Singapore, up the Malaysian west coast, all around Thailand, down the Mekong River through Laos and finally into Vietnam where I met up with 3 friends to undertake ‘The Greatest Motorbike Trip of All Time’ involving 2 800km of pure adventure” explains Justin.

The video features the Travelling Teacher moonwalking through some of the best landscapes Southeast Asia has to offer – dressed as a BEAR! Thank you for your outrageous entertainment Mr Woods!

Click here for more on Justin’s adventures Moonwalking through Southeast Asia

Click here if you are interested in Teaching English in Thailand

Have you seen the Moonwalking Bear?

Moonwalking Bear


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