5 (+1) Reasons Why April is a Great Time to Start Teaching English in Thailand if You Live in The Southern Hemisphere

Nick Paul

Nick Paul

June 7, 2018

If there is one thing for sure, you know of at least someone who’s gone over to teach English in Thailand. If you’re following them on Instagram you’re probably burning up inside with jealousy, and if you’re reading this blog post, the wheels have probably started turning in your head about how you can get yourself over there!

There are multiple intakes every year for the teach English in Thailand program with TravelBud but the two biggest are undoubtedly October and April.

October is a great option as it’s the start of the Thai school year and it’s hugely popular with applicants from the northern hemisphere because they finish exams around June and get to enjoy the summer at home before starting their teaching stints.

And it’s for exactly the same reasons that April is a great option for those of you from the Southern Hemisphere, in particular, South Africans, Australians and Kiwis!

Exams are history

And not just if you’re studying anthropology. It’s a tough battle to juggle lectures, work and a social life on top of cramming for finals. Adding trying to organise applications, visas and funding for your teach English abroad trip at the same time could easily push you over the edge.

Starting in April gives you plenty of time to get the exams out of the way and focus on planning this trip of a lifetime!

Graduation is important

After 3 years (or more) of hard slog, late nights in libraries, cram sessions with mates old and new, blood, sweat, tears and enough cans of Red Bull to give a blue whale wings, you’re going to want to be there for graduation with your comrades you worked so hard alongside.

Starting to teach English in Thailand in April ensures you get to take that graduation selfie after all, rather than watching your mates do it without you via Facebook!

It’s more fun with friends

Our Teach English in Thailand program offers you the possibility of being placed with a friend at the same school which makes jetting off to the other side of the world a much less daunting idea.

But, we’ve all had that friend who was totally keen on the idea over a few happy hour drinks but in the cold light of day was too nervous to take the leap, or too focussed on studying that they had time to think of nothing else.

Starting in April gives you a bit of extra time to convince a mate to join you on your adventure so you can make those memories together.

Plus we often offer you a discount for bringing a friend, so ask our program coordinators team about that!


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You get to keep your summer

If you’re studying, you’re probably going to want to reward yourself with some down time once you’ve finished your November exams. Nothing is quite like a Southern Hemispher festive season, if you’ve ever had Christmas in the northern hemisphere you’ll know how hearing jingle-bells in the supermarket makes you want to grab a towel and head for the ocean only to be disappointed that it’s -10 outside and probably dark already. Plus having Christmas with your family means there will be no hard feelings from mum. So, giving yourself until April to kick off your teaching adventure will ensure you have more than enough time to party away the varsity stress before you set your mind to…

You get to work and save

Save, save, save! You’re going to want to have plenty of cash to spend when you’re over in Thailand and an April start gives you 4 months to waiter, bartend, work in a shop or temp at your dad’s business to save enough cash for your trip. And, as we’ll be the first to admit, an adventure like this, while it pays you a decent salary once you’re over there, it costs a fair bit to set up. You need to think about program fees, flights, visas, accommodation, food and spending money when planning a teach abroad adventure, so be sure to check out our saving guide for teaching English in Thailand!

Songkran, the Thai new year

The Thai new year, or Songkran as it’s known locally happens every year around mid-April, so starting with our popular April intake will mean you get to experience all the craziness that is this life-changing festival! The New Year is a time for paying respects to elders and washing away the troubles of the past year, to start afresh on a clean slate. “What craziness?” you may be asking, it may not sound so crazy from that description. Well, while Thailand may have a reputation for being laid back, they definitely ditch that attitude when it comes to celebrating!

For starters, that washing away? It’s taken to the extreme! The country launches into one giant nationwide water fight. Massive speakers get wheeled into the street and that quintessential sound of Thai techno music blares everywhere. Shots of SangSom are handed out and people daub complete strangers with chalk paint as a blessing. Be prepared to get VERY wet, but also to have the best new years of your life! Oh and did I mention it lasts up to a week in some parts of the country? Yeah, it’s an awesome reason to be in Thailand in April!

Placements are always limited, and a great bonus is you don’t need to pay everything up-front, so if you apply now and pay your deposit, you can secure your spot today and give yourself plenty of time to sort out the details!



Interested in Teaching English in Thailand? We’ll send you more info!


Or learn more about our Teach English in Thailand program


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