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Recent Canadian Graduate Explains Her Teaching Experience In South Korea

Stu Brown

May 23, 2018

We caught up with Elizabeth Douros who introduced us to the private school (Hagwon) where she teaches English to South Koreans. She kindly shares with us her teaching experience in South Korea thus far.

Elizabeth Douros explains her teaching experience in South Korea thus far

Elizabeth teaches English in Gongju which is situated in the province of Chungnam in South Korea where she works at an English Education centre. South Korean children and adults from the Chungnam area come to the English centre for either a 1-day or 3-day English camp where Elizabeth and her colleagues put to use the knowledge and skills learnt from their TESOL training to teach them the English language so that they can effectively utilise it to communicate with the Western world.

She also gets to teach and train those wanting to become English teachers in South Korea over a 6-month period or through more intensive training over a 1-month period.

task-based learning at an English education centre in South Korea

A unique way of teaching English in South Korea

Elizabeth works at a private English Education centre which is designed to make use of task-based learning in lessons in a way in which students can make use of the English vocabulary they are being taught in the real world. And as she says herself, “English is I guess more fun to learn when you are actually using it for a purpose and when you get to use it in a real-world setting”. The fundamental idea of  Elizabeth’s teaching is to provide her students with a platform from which to use and learn new concepts which they can later use when they travel to English-speaking countries.

English teacher teaching at an English camp in South Korea

Teacher Elizabeth works in a setting quite different to other private and public schools in South Korea. She explains how she teaches English camps to students in the morning and afternoon from about 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. She then tends to have a day off between teaching at the English camps which she uses to develop her lesson plans for teaching English to her adult students.

Canadian graduate teaching English in South Korea

Elizabeth has always wanted to travel and work abroad especially when at university. South Korea was never a place she had in mind at the time, she actually was more drawn to Japan, but from hearing the inspiring stories from some of her friends who had recently returned from teaching English in South Korea, it was clear to her that it was destination she needed to travel to.

Elizabeth has grown to really love teaching English in South Korea. The people, the culture, the overall experience – well, she loves it all!

Thanks for sharing with us Elizabeth. We wish you all the best for your future!

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