Friday Live: How to Eat and Drink like a Korean

This week on Friday live, we pay a visit to our local Korean Noraebang and Restaurant, Korean Soul Kitchen in Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa. We’re with TravelBud’s Grace and Sara who’s on vacation from teaching English in South Korea to take us through some of the incredible food (and drinking customs) which you can expect while teaching in Korea!


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About Nick Paul

Nick is the Marketing Manager for Travelbud and has had a long history in the travel industry working in student travel and even a big multinational online travel agency.

He regularly presents at travel conferences and has spent a great deal of time traveling the world from the US to Europe, Africa and most recently South East Asia.

Nick is super passionate about travel and his best travel memories include his recent trip to Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea to meet face-to-face with some of TravelBud’s teachers.

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1 Comment

  1. Dani

    Bibimbap actually comes from the words mix and rice… not vegetable and rice … >.<
    bibida – to mix
    bap – rice
    literally mixed rice (with anything added)…
    But this is the one Korean restaurant I haven't tried in CT, and now I will, as it looks lovely. Soju Kitchen in Seapoint has always been my favourite for being closest to genuine Korean food! So, I thank you for this find… especially the Noraebang! <3
    Living so far north, I may never have gotten out there otherwise. Even when I do hear of new 'Korean' places. I need a good review before I will use my time and money elsewhere. Will let you know if it measures up to Soju!! 😉


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