TravelBud Wins Go Overseas Community Choice Award!

TravelBud has won a 2020 Go Overseas Community Choice Award for the category: Top TEFL Course Providers: Job Assistance!

Winners of the Go Overseas Community Choice Awards were named by the people who matter most – their vibrant community of travelers.

Go Overseas host over 10,000 providers, but all our well-earned reviews helped our programs rise above the rest.

We’re thrilled that they have recognized TravelBud as one of the best travel organizations in 2020 through this merit-based award, especially after such a difficult year for our industry.

And we’re equally thrilled to have continued our service excellence, having won the same award in 2019!

What are the Community Choice Awards?

The Go Overseas Community Choice Awards were setup to recognize the best travel organizations and providers in the world.

Winners were chosen by Go Overseas 1,000,000+ strong community, based solely on program reviews.

How the 2020 Go Overseas Community Choice Awards Were Scored

To find the best providers, they looked at every review left on the site between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Any provider who received five or more reviews was considered.

They then looked at each of the review categories and the average scores each provider received. The provider with the best score in each category won that award.

Here are 3 reasons why TravelBud is the best organization to choose when considering your teach abroad adventure:

1. We guarantee placement at one of our vetted partner schools. 

Once you’re accepted into a TravelBud program, that’s us saying with 100% certainty that we can find you a job in one of our high-quality partner schools.

While other programs may offer employment “assistance,” we promise that you’ll be placed at one of our partner schools upon completion of your TEFL/TESOL course.

Our application process allows us to marry high-quality teachers with high-quality schools. 

Man in classroom with Vietnamese students

With our Guaranteed Job Placement, you’ll be placed at a school that’s been vetted extensively against high standards.

2. Our Placements Teams are ready to match you to the perfect teaching job.

At TravelBud, we have experienced Placements Teams in every country that we offer programs in.

Upon enrolling in the program, the placements team will reach out to you to begin finding out your placement preferences. They’ll take into account what size town you’d like to be placed in, region preferences, and even preferred age groups that you would like to teach.

If you have previous teaching experience, they’ll also discuss that with you to make sure that’s taken into consideration when matching you to a placement.

By the time you finish your in-class TEFL/TESOL course, you know exactly which of our vetted partner schools that you will be teaching at!

Teach English in Vietnam: Parker Ambler 5

Already have a travel buddy? We can facilitate partner and group placements, in most cases!

3. We only work with schools that are high-quality – just like our teachers. 

When it comes to researching jobs for teaching abroad, you may quickly realize that experiences can be anywhere from wonderful to terrible.

Horror stories of teachers not being paid on time, being treated poorly, or being overworked fill ESL teaching forums.

TravelBud vets all of our partner schools extensively, and against very strict criteria, so that you can rest assured that you’ll be placed at an excellent school. 

Teacher in Thailand
Guaranteed Job Placement in a high quality School

We make sure our teachers are the best of the best, so why wouldn’t we ensure that our partner schools are too?

The GoOverseas Community has spoken, but now it’s time for you to find out for yourself just how wonderful our Paid Teaching programs with Guaranteed Job Placement are!

Submit an inquiry today and get your Teach Abroad journey started with TravelBud!

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Grace is an enrollments coordinator at TravelBud signing people up to our many programs and helping them get all the answers to the questions they may have about taking the plunge and going overseas for amazing teach English abroad adventures.
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