Friday Live

Friday Live: What You can Expect to Eat in Thailand

Nick Paul

Nick Paul

May 30, 2018

One of the biggest shifts to anyone’s life when they go abroad to teach English is in what they eat. It can be intimidating if you’ve not eaten the food of your destination before – you’ll be giving up that favourite burger or pasta spot and replacing it with a noodle bar or a friendly lady with a street food stall that’s always outside your apartment. Thankfully, and with Thailand in particular, almost all of the TravelBud team have been there before and luckily for you you’ll likely find a decent Thai restaurant somewhere near you to try out the cuisine before you go.

There are obviously though some dishes you’ll find more readily while teaching in Thailand than you may have tried or seen back home. We pitched up at one of our favourite Thai restaurants here in Cape Town, Taste of Thailand, for some authentic dishes which we loved most on our travels through the land of smiles. Sorry about the sound, in true Thai style there was plenty of street noise to give that authentic feeling!

Enjoy! (And prepare to get really hungry!)


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