Where Will I be Placed While Teaching English in Thailand?

If you’re keen on teaching English in Thailand, you’ll probably know that our program includes guaranteed job placement, regardless of whether you’re going to take our awesome in-country TESOL course or not. The next question on your lips is probably where in Thailand you’re likely to be placed.

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While you can’t choose your exact placement location as it’s all subject to what is available, you can most definitely give your preference in terms of general area, size of town and age of kids you’d like to teach. The placement team will then do their best to get you something that matches all 3 of your preferences wherever possible.

So let’s look at where you might be placed, based on what percentage of teachers get placed there historically:

So what’s in each area and why should you choose this?

South Thailand

[image source] Khao Sok National Park is in Southern Thailand. It will be nice to have some awesome sights in your back yard, just remember you’ll be based in a town and may well not be close to the coast.

South Thailand is where you’ll find all the popular tourist spots like Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Samui and Krabi. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up in one of the tourist towns or islands, the South is peppered with towns large and small either on the coast or inland. The culture in the South is a unique brand of Thainess, the people are proudly philosophical, more politically active and welcoming to foreigners as they see so many passing through. We avoid placing teachers in what’s sometimes referred to as the “Deep South” along the Malaysian border.

Central Thailand

Bangkok is a massive city with a number of satellite towns, being placed in Central Thailand may see you living near this heaving metropolis or in a smaller town nearby.

Central Thailand is pretty diverse and it’s the most populated part of the country being home to none other than the capital, Bangkok along with a number other large towns including Hua Hin where our main orientation and TESOL course is hosted. Pick this region if you’d prefer a good chance of getting an urban placement, just be aware that while city placements sometimes pay more, the cost of living can be higher also.

East Thailand

[image source] Thailand’s East sure is a land of contrasts, on one hand you have the tourist mecca of Pattaya while further afield you’ll find more laid back spots like Koh Samet and Koh Chang. The towns you’ll be placed in will likely be something between the two extremes.

This is the part of Thailand where you’re least likely to be placed, purely because it’s a small region with a small population. Nevertheless it’s where one of our team, Lauren, was placed during her teaching stint. It’s also the home of Thailand’s most famous export: Sriracha sauce and is where you’ll find some epic islands like Koh Chang and Koh Samet.

North Thailand

Northern Thailand is an excellent spot to be based if you enjoy a good roadtrip. The mist-drenched hills and winding mountain passes make for exceptional biking.

This region is another where you’re unlikely to be placed if you ask to be placed just anywhere. It’s mountainous and is home to some of Thailand’s oldest historic sites. You’ll find many hill tribes tucked away into the mist-drenched hills and the backpacking Mecca of Chiang Mai in the middle. Chiang Mai also attracts a lot of western retirees and many of them volunteer their time teaching English at local schools, this is often why it can be harder to find a paying placement up here. We are now offering a TESOL course based here too so ask us for more info on that!

Isaan Region

[image source] Isaan is the largest region in Thailand growing the bulk of the countries rice and is peppered with small towns and villages.

This is the only region of Thailand with a non-geographical name and it would be safe to say that there’s something special about this region. A vast bowl-shaped area in Thailand’s northeast, Isaan is the breadbasket of the nation producing large quantities of rice. It’s also the poorest and arguably the most rural, so being placed here will see you get a really authentic, less westernized cultural experience. It’s a popular choice for teachers looking to truly immerse themselves in a foreign culture.

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