Teaching English in Thailand – What’s in it for you?

Teaching English in Thailand provides a wonderful opportunity to experience a new and diverse culture.

Thailand is a country rich in unique history and traditions with plenty to offer those seeking adventure. From the lush mountainous regions in the north down to the idyllic islands in the South, Thailand is an awe-inspiring destination to visit, but an even better one to work and live in.

TravelBud’s Teach English in Thailand program includes the following:

– Visa assistance

– Flight booking assistance

– 4 Week TESOL Training in Thailand

– Cultural Orientation Course in Thailand

– Teaching experience at a local school to prepare you for your new job

– Job Placement

– Thai bank account setup

Caley Franken teaching English at a non-profit school in Thailand

Caley takes part in a volunteer teaching lesson during her TESOL course in Hua Hin, Thailand

First-hand advice

Founder of TravelBud, Liam Kelly, had the most incredible journey teaching English in Thailand in 2012. When choosing to embark on your teaching adventure in Thailand, Liam will provide advice and assistance on all areas of the experience you are about to enter in to. Having taught in Thailand, Liam is truly passionate and dedicated towards offering others the same memorable experience he had whilst teaching English in Thailand – he promises to offer you the best service possible.

Liam congratulating one of his kindergarten pupils when teaching English in Thailand in 2012

Liam congratulating one of his kindergarten pupils when teaching English in Thailand in 2012

Visa Assistance

TravelBud will provide assistance and all the necessary steps and guidelines required for you to obtain the correct visa for teaching English in Thailand.

Flight Booking Assistance

TravelBud will ensure that you book the correct flights to Thailand and that you get the best deal possible.

TESOL Course & Cultural Orientation Program

Everyone is required to complete a 120-hour In-Class TESOL course in order to be eligible to teach English in Thailand. The course is tailored specifically to teaching English in Thailand and is designed to fully prepare Westerners to teaching English in the Thai classroom (which many online and general TESOL/TEFL courses unfortunately don’t adequately do). The course takes place over 4 weeks in the beautiful beach resort town of Hua Hin (click here for a short video showcasing Hua Hin) in Thailand and covers the following over the 4 weeks:

– Module 1: Introduction to TESOL, Thai culture and language training – Thai Culture and language training is covered in the Cultural Orientation Program which includes various cultural excursions as well as in-class theory to help you make a smooth transition into your new environment.

– Module 2: Theory and lesson planning

– Module 3: Teaching grammar

– Module 4: Teaching reading

– Module 5: Teaching listening

– Module 6: Teaching speaking

 Module 7: Classroom management – in the last week of your TESOL course you will get the opportunity to practise what you have learnt in the classroom during a 2-day local and non-profit English camp. Here, you will construct lesson plans and conduct your own lessons to Thai children.

The 120-hour In-class TESOL course is conducted by the top and most reputable TESOL school in Thailand with the best TESOL instructors who have years of teaching experience in Thailand. The course will also provide you with the following:

– An internationally recognized 120-hour TESOL certificate

– Instructor and peer feedback

TESOL course book

– Free access to our Teacher Resources section

Teacher observations in the local community

Real teaching experience in a 2 day local non-profit English camp

Cultural Excursions. You will get the opportunity during the Cultural Orientation Program with to go on exciting and adventurous excursions within the local community where you will be immersed in culturally rich local experiences ranging from exploring ancient temples to volunteering at elephant sanctuaries.

Welcome Dinner (BBQ or Braai).  The first night of the TESOL course is spent on the beach of Hua Hin with course instructors and fellow TESOL students from around the globe. You and the other TESOL students are welcomed in with a Barbeque (Braai) and get the opportunity to meet and befriend each other. You will most probably form great ties and friendships with everyone during the course and the rest of your stay in Thailand which is also a major plus-side to doing an in-class TESOL course in Thailand.

Click here for more information regarding the In-Country TESOL course in Thailand

TESOL course graduates are now qualified to teach English in Thailand

TESOL Graduates pose for a photo – They are now qualified to teach English in Thailand

Job Placement

During the TESOL course, you will get the opportunity to discuss in detail your preferences in terms of your job placement in Thailand. Teaching English in Thailand is a wonderful experience and it is of utmost importance to us that you are placed at a school and location that best meets your preferences. You will discuss the age of the children you prefer to teach, where you wish to live and teach in Thailand, and whether you would like to be placed in the same region as a fellow TESOL student.

It is fairly difficult to arrange job placement at a school with a friend of partner, however, the TESOL school will do their best to place you in the same town as a fellow TESOL student if that suits you best. This will most likely be arranged but at the same time all depends on the town and the demand for teachers at the time. As the TESOL school is regarded as the most reputable TESOL school and job placement agency in Thailand, they have the best network of schools across the country and can therefore offer job placement at the top and most reputable schools in Thailand.

Students singing the King's Song at a school in Thailand

Students line up to sing the Kings Song before school starts in Thailand

Thai Bank Account Setup

You will also be assisted with setting up a trustworthy bank account in Thailand on arrival in Thailand. All payments when teaching English in Thailand will be paid directly into this account so you will be provided with the most trouble-free assistance in getting your bank account set up.

Teaching English in Thailand is such a worthwhile experience and TravelBud’s primary goal is to make it one of the best experiences of your life! 

To apply or find out more, see our Teach English in Thailand program

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Stu has always carried with him a passion for exploring the world through work and travel experiences.

After a year-long adventure working at a school in London and travelling throughout Europe, Stu began his tertiary studies at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Social Dynamics.

He also holds a 120-Hour internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate and understands what it takes to teach and travel responsibly. As TravelBud CEO he understands that truly exciting and life-changing adventures only happen when you step outside your comfort zone; and not a day goes by when he doesn’t challenge the team to do the same!

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