8 Reasons Why South Africans Love Teaching in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand is an amazing experience and many South Africans embark on this South-east Asian adventure. We went in search of what exactly draws so many South Africans to teach English in Thailand.

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Thai people love to Braai

Thai people love to Braai

Let’s be honest – South Africa is the home of the ‘Braai’, but surprisingly enough, coming in at a close second are the Thai’s.

On street corners you will find Thai locals braaing and selling chicken, ribs, fish and pork chops in abundance.

High salaries, low cost of living

The average English teacher’s salary of between R9000 and R12000 per month in comparison to the low cost of living in Thailand makes it possible to save up and travel during weekends and school holidays.

With a delicious Thai meal costing you R15, accommodation costing between R1500 and R4000 per month (depending on your preference), and a train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai costing R250, money is far less of an issue living and travelling as an English teacher in Thailand.

Tropical paradise – island hopping, beach living

The famous Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand

It is no secret that South Africans love spending countless hours on the beach. Thailand is the perfect destination for South African beach bums seeking an array of exotic islands and beaches.

There is so much choice for travellers when it comes to the unique experiences that the islands in Thailand offer.

This makes it rather difficult to experience all that the islands offer. English teachers however have a unique advantage in that they have more time to experience it all. From scuba diving off the coast of Koh Thao, full moon parties in the famous Koh Phangan Island, to the peace and quiet on less touristy islands such as Koh Chang or Koh Prah Tong; English teachers in Thailand can experience them all. Photo by Found The World.

The Lush Jungles

Tourists go elephant trekking in the jungle in northern Thailand

Thailand is not only known for its beautiful beaches. In the north of Thailand, one will come across some of the most lush jungle regions found in Southeast Asia.

During your free time in Thailand, be sure to head up north. Elephant trekking, motorbike road trips, visits to the unique hill tribe villages, and jungle hikes await travellers to the northern region of Thailand.

Massive SA expat community – Bokke

South African expats singing the national anthem in a bar in Thailand

There is a massive expat community of South Africans teaching English in Thailand so if you ever start to miss home there is no need to worry.

For those that get a little homesick or miss the South African “gees”, be sure to check out the expat bars which all tend to incorporate some Thai tropical twist to their Western theme.

Expats from all over the world flock to the bars on weekends and evenings when the big sport fixtures take place so be sure to catch up on your Springbok rugby games and South African national anthem chanting.

The foreigners love the SA accent

If you haven’t already experienced it elsewhere abroad – you certainly will in Thailand.

Foreigners just love the South African accent making it incredibly easy to make new friends and meet the beautiful men and women that travel to Thailand.

The local people

Thai student celebrating the colour festival in Thailand

Thai locals are some of the most friendly and accommodating people in the world. The local Thai teachers will make you feel right at home and welcome you in with open arms.

Struggling with directions? There is no need to worry. Simply ask a local on the street and he or she will be more than willing to show you where to go, with a fat smile on their face of course. It isn’t called the Land of Smiles for no reason!

Motorbike rides

Motorbike trip through the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand

If you love the thrill of adventure and the open road, then a motorbike ride through Thailand’s lush northern region or along the coast is a must!

Highly recommended is the Mae Hong Son loop which is 600 km long and features the most mountainous region in Thailand, lush jungles, some of the most captivating views and stop offs at both popular and quiet towns such as Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, and Pai.

A train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai will get you there while R250 a day will get you on board your own 250 cc motorbike.

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After a year-long adventure working at a school in London and travelling throughout Europe, Stu began his tertiary studies at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Social Dynamics.

He also holds a 120-Hour internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate and understands what it takes to teach and travel responsibly. As TravelBud CEO he understands that truly exciting and life-changing adventures only happen when you step outside your comfort zone; and not a day goes by when he doesn’t challenge the team to do the same!

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  1. Janette

    Do you need qualifications? And do you pay your own traveling fees to Thailand?

    • Stu Brown

      Hi Janette

      Thank you for your question. There are many factors that come into play when being placed at a school in Thailand to teach English such as educational experience, age, appearance, personality and character as well as your willingness to commit to staying at a school for a sufficient amount of time. TravelBud does not charge our applicants anything until we have reviewed an applicant’s application and can guarantee that he or she will be placed at a reputable school in Thailand and is thus eligible for the program.

      With regards to your second question – applicants are responsible for their travelling fees to Thailand, however, airport pick-up will be provided a hotel with one-night free stay at the hotel, as well as transport down to Hua Hin – the small beach town where the TESOL course takes place.

      To apply to teach in Thailand, go to this link: https://travelbud.com/apply-now/

      We will be in touch with you as soon as we have reviewed your application to confirm whether you are eligible for the Teach in Thailand program.

      Kind regards


  2. Suihing Wongkee

    hi there besides teaching coming to Thailand and playing professional soccer and getting a salary is that a possibility?

  3. lucrisia

    Hi i would love to teach in thailand i have a BA degree how does it word im currently doing potgrad in education

    • Stu Brown

      Hi Lucrisia

      It’s great to hear that you are interested in teaching in Thailand and I’m sure your degree in education will put you in good stead for receiving a desirable teaching job in Thailand. For more information on this experience and on how to become and English teacher in Thailand, please visit our Teach in Thailand page: https://travelbud.com/teach-english-in-thailand/. You can fill out an enquiry form on our Teach in Thailand page or contact us directly to get started with everything by emailing info@travelbud.com

  4. Anthony

    Hi there I have a TEFL degree so I would love to teach in Thailand please get back to me

    • Stu Brown

      Hi Anthony

      That’s great to hear. Please visit the following page on our website to submit a quick enquiry and our program director will be in touch with you shortly with more information: https://travelbud.com/quick-inquiry/ 🙂

  5. Gabriel

    Hi,I’m from Nigeria. My question is that will I be able to get a teaching job in Thailand after obtaining a TEFL certificate despite the fact that I’m not a native speaker though I’m pretty fluent in English?

    • Stu Brown

      Hi Gabriel

      It is very important that all English teachers in Thailand are native English speakers and are exceptionally fluent in English. As English teachers in Thailand will be teaching English to students who know very little English, being a native English speaker is a minimum requirement and just being pretty fluent in English will not be enough to qualify for this program. I’m sorry we could not be of more help but wish you the best of luck with your future 🙂 – Stu

  6. tony sa

    Hi what are the possibility of a job with a south african grade 11 certificate


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