10 Teachers Reveal the Best Things About Living in Thailand

Liam Kelly

May 23, 2018

Teaching English in Thailand has to be one of the most enriching gap year experiences available to date however you only really can grasp how incredible the experience is once you have done it. We caught up with 10 current English teachers in Thailand who shared what it is they love the most about living in Thailand. We hope this gives all of you who are interested in embarking on this amazing experience in the future a better idea of what to expect.

Brett Robert Godber

Brett loves how loving and appreciative his English students are in Thailand






It feels really good when you try your best in Thailand because the people actually take notice of it and show you the true best things about living in Thailand that cannot be described in words. Never before have I felt so appreciated and loved than when I walk into a classroom and get shouts of excitement and class wide hugs.

Rebecca Mole

Rebecca praises Thailand for its friendly people






The friendly people. Today I was carrying 10 sets of 18 text books and struggling on my walk from home to the school when one of the teachers from my school saw me barely leaving my apartment, got off the motorcycle taxi, ran over, took half of the text books and helped me carry them to my class! So generous and amazing!

Stephanie Warren

Stephanie Thomas loves living and teaching in Thailand






My favorite thing about living in Thailand – the people!

Jonathan Harman

Jonathan Harman quotes Thailand as the one place in the world where the notion of stranger does not to exist






Thailand. Where the notion of stranger doesn’t exist.

Thomas Jenkins

You can make Thai people smile by just saying "hello






Being able to make someone smile just by saying “hello”

Kaila Lee Melvill-Smith

Kaila points out how kind and hospitable Thai people are






Thai tolerance, kindness and hospitality!!!

Ben Van Den Bergh

Ben loves the sunsets over Thailand






It’s difficult to say in words so here is a picture of how I feel. If this picture gives you a good feeling then that’s how it makes me feel living in Thailand.

Sunset over the streets of Thailand

Shirley Klopper Edmonds

Shirleyloves her Cultural Immersion course during TravelBud's TESOL course






I have only been here for a week and although the adjustment is huge, I loved the day spent at a temple, receiving a blessing from a Monk, the pineapple farm, feeding the ele’s at the rehab centre and the art market. Our beach barbeque was great fun and just floating in the sea made me feel like I was home. I know I will enjoy learning to speak Thai. It is challenging but so far worth every minute!

Gemma Moon Taylor

This girl loves how she has the unique opportunity to teach English in Thailand






Being 5 minutes late and that’s okay because everyone else is actually 15 minutes late

Jemima Louise Pollitt

Jemima preaches the Thai markets during her teaching stint in Thailand






I love the markets and getting to know the Thai people there


If you would like to find out more about TravelBud’s Teach English in Thailand program, please watch the short explanatory interview with former Thailand English teacher and founder of TravelBud, Liam Kelly

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