12 of the Best English Teachers to Follow on Instagram in Southeast Asia

Thinking of going to teach abroad and not sure what it’s like?

We at TravelBud all love social media and people sharing their travel experiences with the world. Thinking about going overseas to teach can be terrifying as we know, this is why we’re giving you the perfect opportunity to see what it’s all about by following these amazing teachers on Instagram as they document their daily lives while teaching English abroad.  


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Lisa is currently working as a senior programs manager for our in-country partners in South East Asia, she constantly posts photos of the orientations and programs you can expect to go on when teaching abroad with us. We listed her on here because she has a lot of experience traveling in the region and is very involved in the teaching abroad industry.



Natalie is a South African who taught English in Thailand through TravelBud and is now working as part of the placement team at our partners in Thailand. Her page is simply amazing, it’s a traveler’s dream. It’s full of love and light and we simply can’t get enough of it. If you love travelling, you’ll definitely love this page!




Grace is one of our British teachers based in Thailand and posts regularly about her experience teaching in a foreign country. We really like her page because she shares a daily Instagram diary, so it makes it really easy to follow every step of her awesome journey.



Chelsea is from the US and she’s currently teaching in Thailand. What we love about her page is that it shows such diverse parts of Thai culture. She’s very passionate about Thai boxing and staying active. If you’re looking for inspiration on fitness and being healthy, she’s the teacher to follow!



Kelsey is a South African teaching in Thailand. In her posts, she’s able to shed a different light on the bustling city of Bangkok. She shows us the sometimes retro, often laid back vibe of the city that not too many people know about. We love her posts on local coffee shops and awesome rooftop pools.




Ellie and Eddie are a married couple from Leeds, England. They packed up their comfortable lives in 2018 to teach English in Vietnam and travel. With the help of the Travelbud team, they’ve settled in to their new life in Vietnam. With an awesome travel blog going by the same name, these two adventure seekers’ journey is definitely one to follow.



Emily is another Australian on our list, but she’s teaching English in Vietnam. She really knows how to share great insight of life as a teacher in a foreign country. Be sure to check her page out, her pictures really do speak a thousand words.



If you’re looking for a teacher who’s really embracing a foreign culture, look no further than Carole. Through her posts she’s able to portray her passion and dedication for adventure and travel. Her page is a must see for anyone considering teaching in Vietnam!



Jess is another one of our South African teachers, she’s currently working in Vietnam after having taught in Thailand before. She’s definitely someone who’s used this teaching experience to seize every opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia. Her page is fun, playful and serene. Also, don’t miss that time she appeared in our Friday Live interview about her time as a teacher in Thailand.




Yvonne is one of our first to teach English in Myanmar, she’s definitely having a really exciting experience there. We love her page because we’re getting to see things only a small portion of the world has seen before, from glittering Pagodas, to the crystal clear waters of Ngapali beach, you should definitely check out her page to keep updated on this fascinating country.



Teaching abroad can be challenging for some, but looking at Jordy’s page – not for everyone! This Australian’s page is filled with authentic images of the local Burmese people as their natural loving selves. In just a quick glance, you can easily see that she really cares about the people she meets and loves what she’s doing.



Sandie is currently teaching in Myanmar. She takes breathtaking photos and we just love the way she captures so much emotion in her posts. Going through her page, its very easy to get a feel of the local people.

The one common thing that all these teachers have is that they had no expectations – they’re just fully engaging in these diverse cultures and with that are experiencing an enriching sense of self growth and fulfilment.

If seeing these Instagram pages has you scratching for your passport, why not reach out to our enrolments team for more info?

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