Top 5 Beach Sunsets in Thailand

Stu Brown

Stu Brown

May 23, 2018

Thailand is home to some of the most picturesque sunsets imaginable. There are so many different islands and beaches scattered throughout Thailand’s coastline, all with their unique attractions. We set out to find the top 5 sunset beaches present in the tropical paradise known as Thailand. Enjoy!

Railay Beach, Krabi

Sunset of Railay Beach in Krabi, ThailandLocated in Krabi province in the Andaman Sea just south of the town of Au Nang is Railay Beach. The beach is connected to Krabi’s mainland but hidden away and cut off by gigantic limestone cliffs which create the feeling of being on a private and isolated island. The mesmerising sunsets here will have you never wanting to leave. Photo by GEO Reise Community

Kantiang Bay, Koh Lanta

Beautiful sunset over Kantiang Bay Koh Lanta, Thailand

The majority of Koh Lanta’s beaches are located along the west coast of the island, making it incredibly convenient to catch the exquisite sun rays retiring over the horizon every evening. This photo was captured on Kantiang Bay, located further south where things are a bit more quiet than further north in the likes of Klong Nin, Long Beach, Klong Khong, and Klong Dao. Nevertheless, if you find yourself on Koh Lanta one day, be prepared to witness a vast variety of eye-capturing hues extending over the Andaman coastline at the end of each day.

Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Sunset over Sairee Beach on Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Koh Tao is one of the most beautiful islands located in the Gulf of Thailand. Over time it has gained popularity for diving and snorkelling and as a result has seen a fair bit of development over the years while at the same time retaining its beauty and landscape – something that a lot of the more popular islands in Thailand haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing. Picturesque sunsets can be seen throughout the coastline but Sairee Beach has to be one of the best spots to head to for some sundowners while watching the sun go down over the Gulf of Thailand. Photo by DJL Diving

Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

Purple sunset of Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is a tiny island situated far south in the Andaman Sea just before the Malaysian border. The name kind of gives it away and spoils the surprise but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a visit – if anything, Sunset Beach should be at the top of your itinerary when planning a trip to Thailand, especially if you are a sucker for rare sunsets that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Photo by Arzunet

Koh Mak

One of the top 10 beach sunsets in Thailand - Koh Mak

Rightly so, we have saved the best for last. A small and hidden gem located far east in the Gulf of Thailand, this is the perfect island to visit if you are looking to escape the tourist crowds of the more popular islands in Thailand. Venture here fore some peace and tranquil relaxation and arguably the best beach sunsets in Thailand. Photo by Beach Do

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