My First Time Teaching English In Thailand

on December 15, 2014

We recently caught up with Jaco Kleinloog who was kind enough to share with us his first time teaching English in Thailand. Jaco is currently the head TESOL instructor in Hua Hin who is raved about by all his current and past TESOL students.

He also was one of the leading figures who helped set up the local non-profit animal rescue program in Hua Hin, Rescue Paws, which is doing great things to care for and rehabilitate the injured, homeless and abused dogs of Hua Hin.

Before all this, Jaco started out his Thai teaching adventure on Koh Samui where he taught English to local Thai hotel staff whom’s ages varied quite substantially.

His first and most memorable experience teaching English in the beautiful country involved a 50 to 55-year old Thai gentleman who, until the day Jaco Kleinloog came along, had never been able to tell the time in English before.

Jaco Kleinloog - the founder of Rescue Paws in Thailand

Yes that’s correct – a very simple privilege which many of us Westerners take for granted, this man had never been able to tell the time in English until Jaco came along and taught him this important skill in his line of business.

The feeling of giving is ever so sweet and like many other English teachers in Thailand, Jaco changed that man’s life forever.

TESOL instructor congratulating student at the TESOL graduation in Hua Hin, Thailand

Jaco went on to become the head TESOL instructor in Hua Hin and even had the privilege of being TravelBud’s co-founder, Liam Kelly’s instructor in 2012. To date, he has taught over 1000 TESOL students from all parts of the world who have gone on to make a difference teaching English inThailand.

Thank you for sharing this moment with us Jaco!

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