Where Will I be Placed While Teaching English in South Korea?

If you’re looking to Teach English in South Korea, you’ll probably already know that our program includes guaranteed job placements, regardless whether you decide to do our in-class TESOL course or not. So the next thing you’re probably wondering is where will you’ll be placed?

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South Korea is a very interesting country when it comes to placements as they have two types of schools: private language centers and regular public schools. Having said that, just as in most of our programs, while you can’t choose the exact placement location as its all subject to availability, you can most definitely give your preference in terms of rural or urban area, private or public school and age of students.

Our placement team will then do their utmost best to get you something that matches your preferences wherever possible.

Still with us? Good. Lets take a look at where you’ll be placed in South Korea.

Korea Placement map.

Where you might be placed in South Korea.

Due to the fact that all our English teachers come from western societies, there’s a common misconception regarding the private and public school systems in South Korea.

When we think private schools, we generally think elite and associate it with a lot of wealth, and when we think public schools, we think a little more crowded, middle to working class and not to the same standard of education.

In Korea, this is not the case. They place the utmost value on education, meaning the level of education in public school is incredibly high. Thus eliminating much need for western type “private schools”. So all kids attend public schools for the first half of the day then most will attend private, extra afternoon and evening classes in private facilities known as “hagwons.”


This is the highlight for most people coming to South Korea. It is by far the biggest and most visited city, really a true metropolis. It is the economic, cultural and fashion hub of the country. Even though it’s a massive city, it still offers a lot of green spaces with many parks and outdoor activities.

Seoul is a very modern city, it is in some respects one of the world’s biggest trendsetters in things like fashion, technology, arts as well as still being able to keep its traditional Korean feel.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress in Seoul.

By the time your you leave Seoul, you’ll most probably have a favorite K-pop band and your fashion choice will be hugely different to when you first arrived. It has all the luxuries we enjoy in the West and still holds up as a very unique cultural city.


Busan, South Korea

Busan is a city between the mountains and the ocean.

Busan is South Korea’s more hipster city. A lot of art and graffiti is displayed throughout the city and it feels a lot less glam then Seoul but still has a lot of glass skyscrapers. South Korea’s second largest city is filled with amazing seafood, astonishing beaches and awesome mountain ranges.

This makes it’s a very attractive city for English teachers who want to be in a city but not one as busy as Seoul. There’s so much to do in this city, it’s filled with both outdoor and indoor activities.


Daegu, South Korea

Daegu is a stunning historical city.

This city is known around the world for its history and culture, hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the globe flock into see the traditional palaces, the costumes and the Hanok houses. It’s the fourth largest city in Korea. It was major economic hub during the 60’s to the 80’s, especially with the electronics industry.

Nowadays the city is known as the “apple city’ due to the fact that its subtropical climate is near perfect for producing high quality apples. You hardly get small cities in Korea, but Daegu is a city where English teachers can enjoy a lot more open space than they would in the bigger cities.


Daejeon, South Korea

Daejeon is one of the major transit hubs of the region.

Daejeon is the 5th largest city in South Korea. It’s mainly used for connecting to transit for the region, hence why it’s so popular amongst travelers. This is city is also very popular for the Yuseong Hot Springs, a place where one can have a therapeutic experience while admiring some beautiful sights.

This used to be a rather small town, but is has since become a sub-city of Seoul. It’s a very suburban area with an array of apartment blocks across the whole city. This is to provide housing for the employees who can’t afford to live within Seoul.


Incheon, South Korea

Incheon is a beautiful, ever-expanding city, home to one of the world’s biggest and best airports.

Incheon is a metropolitan city with close to three million people. If you’ve flown to Seoul, then you would’ve landed in Incheon. It’s a major transportation hub, it houses the country’s main airport, the 2nd best in the world according to Forbes. It also has a major harbor, meaning theres a lot of movement within the city. This means it would be a rather exciting city to live and work in.

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