Teacher Spotlight: Alain’s Amazing Journey in South Korea

Alain’s Experience in South Korea: Insights and Highlights

Discover Alain’s inspiring story as he shares his enriching experiences teaching English in South Korea. Learn about the cultural immersion, meaningful relationships, and life-changing moments that make teaching abroad an unforgettable adventure.

Teaching in South Korea

Building Meaningful Relationships

Connecting with Locals

“I think the most amazing part of this trip is the relationships I’ve found and created. No matter where I’ve gone, I’ve been welcomed by Koreans who pour out genuine care for my experience in their nation. And as much as they love that we are eager to learn about Korea, so many are eager to learn about life and culture in our home nations too! Nearly every interaction is an experience in cultural exchange.”

Teaching in South Korea

Life at the Hagwon

Laughs and Learning

“While my relationships with my new church family in Masan have been amazing, my relationships getting to know my coworkers and students at the hagwon are always full of laughs and smiles, the relationship I think stands out the most is a Korean/Chinese couple who I met at the gym. When they noticed I was from the States and am here working as a teacher, they told me they would love to improve their conversational English with a native speaker. So they invited me to their home for dinner where we got to know each other a bit.” 

Cultural Exchange Through Meals

Dinner Conversations

“Now I go over to their house twice a week where they cook Korean and Chinese meals for me to eat with them and we talk and have conversations in English over the meal. Like I said, every meal is an amazing cultural exchange where I get to share my language and culture with them and they tell me and teach me about Korean life, culture, and society. We’ve gotten to know each other very well, and I am very grateful for them!”

South Korea

Transformative Travel Experience

Immersive Travel

“This trip has completely transformed my perspective on what it means to travel. While every nation and culture has its amazing landmarks that are worth visiting no matter the duration of your stay, there is no other way to truly immerse yourself in and experience another nation and culture besides taking a trip like this. If you really wish to know and experience what life is like in another nation, this experience is an incredible way to do so. The connection you make with the place you call home for a while, the people you meet, the food you enjoy, and the life you live will make a lifelong impact that no other trip can ever come close to replicating. I feel like Korea will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

Advice for Future Travelers

Embrace the Experience

“If I were to give others advice, I would tell them to go into it with a fearless attitude and to make the most out of the trip they are considering taking. Like many things in life, you will get out what you put in, and this experience is no exception. What I mean by that is be willing to try new things, be willing to be uncomfortable, be willing to talk to new people, be willing to make a fool out of yourself, and be willing to just say yes to things! Part of that is also to put in some work to learn and be prepared. Take the time and effort to really understand the history, the societal fabric, and the language of the country you’re going to. Not only will you have a deeper appreciation for the experience of life abroad, but you’ll feel more like a local rather than a tourist by putting that extra effort in which will enhance your time abroad so much more.”

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