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Help provide education support to children, young adults and women within the community


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Highlights of this experience


You’ll help provide education support to children, young adults and women within the community


Assist in improving educational facilities within the community to help improve the learning environment for the children in the village


Help make creative and exciting learning methods and sports games for nursery school kids


Live like a local and immerse yourself in this welcoming beach community


You’ll have a chance to try a new language and learn Swahili!

Zanzibar is the perfect location for incredible snorkeling experiences, swimming with the sea-life, boat rides, scuba diving, kitesurfing and dhow and ngalawa sailing.

A volunteer teacher in a typical classroom

Volunteers pose for a photo in Jambiani

Volunteers outside the Education center

You’ll get to have beach picnics on stunning white sandy beaches that run along the entire coast

Volunteers participating in community development projects

Volunteers teaching English in Jambiani


Immerse yourself in a rural village on the African island of Zanzibar, located just off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean.

Get away from the bustling sounds of the city and find yourself surrounded by endless palm trees and dolphins in the village of Jambiani.

You will wake up to the most spectacular sunrises on the beach, enjoy amazing local meals and live and work near a seaside fishing village.

On weekends you can find yourself fully immersed in a rich mix of cultures at the 300-year-old city of Stone Town, just a short drive away from your beach-side house.

Jambiani certainly gives you a sense of belonging no matter who you are or where you come from. The locals greet you with a smile at every corner – it is the perfect place to explore the local village lifestyle and work with like-minded individuals while volunteering.

Volunteers in Zanzibar

Volunteers pose for a photo on beautiful white beaches in Zanzibar.

Enjoy beautiful Zanzibar sunsets


  • Waking up to white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, this location gives you a true sense of paradise.
  • Each shared room has its own en suite bathroom with a balcony and view overlooking the Indian Ocean.
  • Our program coordinators will share the accommodation with you and will be available to offer you all the support you may need while on the program.
  • We also have a team of experienced local chefs who will cook and prepare your meals daily.

View of your accommodation right on the beach front.

A view of the lounge at the beachside accommodation

Our Commitment to Offering Ethical Programs

We conduct extensive research before offering any program or project. All our programs must meet strict ethical criteria before we will even consider offering them to volunteers.

When selecting programs, we are committed to:

Not displacing local employment

We believe that no community development program should displace employment prospects for local members of any community.

Rigorous planning and ongoing assessments of the work carried out by our volunteers is done to ensure that prospective employment opportunities for local people are never displaced.

The work carried out by our volunteers has been carefully developed to increase local employment opportunities and empower local members of the community through educational development and upliftment.

We work hand in hand with local community members and prioritize the employment of locals over foreigners as project staff.

Ensuring the program can present a proven track record

We believe in only promoting volunteer programs which have been running for more than 3 years where the proof of a sustained positive impact is clearly visible and where policies are in place to protect the safety and well-being of all stakeholders.

Respecting the Cultural Heritage of all involved

We believe in a respectful and responsible approach to cross-cultural experiences. Cultural immersion forms a fundamental part of all TravelBud programs, however, it’s vital that the cultural heritage, customs, and beliefs of the local people, as well as fellow volunteers and program staff, are approached with respect.

Cultural orientation and training is provided in all TravelBud programs to ensure cross-cultural awareness and understanding is developed in the most responsible way possible.

Clearly Defined Sustainable Goals

We believe in providing volunteer programs which have clearly defined immediate, mid-term and long-term goals in place. We believe that these goals need to be obtained sustainably, where the impact achieved benefits the local population for the long-term and doesn’t only provide short-term relief.

Accountability for Consistent Positive Impact

We believe that all volunteer programs need to have a positive impact in the areas they’re located in and that consistent progress is being made towards achieving the immediate and long-term goals of the program.

This is why we publish regular Impact Reports to not only showcase the progress being made on the ground at each project but to hold us accountable for ensuring progress is consistently achieved.

Local Empowerment and Independence

We believe in providing the skills and educational development to local communities which will allow them to one day reach a level of independence and no longer require the help of international volunteers.

Furthermore, our programs are only located in communities where there is a true need for the impact our programs are designed to provide.

Essential Training and Orientation

We believe that relevant training and orientations are essential to making sure our volunteers are fully prepared to achieve the positive impact required of them and do no harm.

Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults

We believe that well run community development programs should safeguard those they seek to serve.

Our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct ensure that the well-being and safety of all children and vulnerable adults are protected as a matter of priority.

Protecting the Welfare of Wildlife and the Environment

We believe that all our conservation programs need to provide real, sustainable safety and benefits to all animals and wildlife our programs set out to serve.

A strict Code of Conduct is enforced for volunteers on our animal and wildlife conservation programs to ensure all volunteers and program staff behave in a way which does no harm to the animals or their natural habitat.

Impact & Focus Areas

Why does this program exist and what will I be doing?

These are important questions you should ask yourself when considering volunteering abroad.

The main focus areas of this program are teaching English and crucial life skills to young children between the ages of 3 to 6 as well as young adults, supporting the local women through various empowerment initiatives, raising environmental awareness, and developing the Educational Center which has been built to grow the success and impact of this program

All of these areas align with our goal of developing and uplifting the local community so they can one day live in a self-sustainable and educated environment.

Teaching English to children

As a volunteer, you’ll be working with local teachers to come up with the most fun and creative ways of educating young scholars.

You’ll teach them arts and crafts and valuable English language skills.

Teaching Young Adults

In Zanzibar, tourism is known to provide the best form of employment, so at our newly built Education Center we provide young adults and members of the community with the opportunity to gain the ability to converse and more fully comprehend the English language, which in turn provides a better chance at gaining employment in the tourism-dominated local economy.

Women’s Empowerment

One of the main focus areas of this program is the empowerment of local women. As a volunteer, you will be joining a women’s group once a week to help teach them English, health, finances as well as basic skills to help empower them to be more independent through creating crafts which are sold to tourists, and thus give them a source of income.

Environment Awareness and Community Development

In addition to the main focuses of the program listed above, you will also be involved in various other community development and environmental awareness initiatives which can range from teaching the community on the harmful effects of littering, participating in beach cleanups, improving community facilities through repairing school buildings, healthcare workshops, and more.

These initiatives are led by community members and are prioritized according to the biggest needs of the local community at the time.

Travel Opportunities

The opportunities available through volunteering in Zanzibar are twofold. You will be able to fully immerse yourself in the culture as you give back to the community and, during your time off on weekends, you’ll be able to relax and explore the riches this beautiful island has to offer.

Jambiani boasts warm turquoise waters and whites sands. This fishing village has evolved over the years and is now surrounded by bars, cafes, and fresh seafood restaurants. If you feel more adventurous there are options of kite-surfing and snorkeling the coral reefs and scuba diving.

Tanzania also offers some of the best hiking and safari opportunities anywhere in the world. From Zanzibar, you can fly directly to Arusha, the gateway to many of these experiences. Alternatively, you can hop on a ferry into the Tanzanian capital, Dar es Salaam, on the mainland where you’ll have a bunch more options.

While in Tanzania, you can choose between a variety of travel experiences:

  • A 5/7 day trek to the roof of Africa – Kilimanjaro
  • Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater
  • Safari in the Serengeti National Park to see the world-famous great migration
  • Visit the breathtaking Mnemba island from Zanzibar
  • A Stone Town and Spice Orchard tour on Zanzibar

Snorkel with giant turtles

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town on a City Tour or the famous Spice Tour

Enjoy stunning sunsets and BBQs on the beach with fellow volunteers

Challenge yourself on a five-day hike up Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest peak!

TravelBud Staff

We understand it’s hard to take this all in.

With TravelBud, you’ll always be talking to someone who has taught or volunteered abroad before, so you’ll get informed, first-hand advice to guide and prepare you for your experience.



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We recommend spending a minimum of 4 weeks to fully explore and experience all the program has to offer.

Program Costs

The fees below includes a $500 enrollment fee which secures your spot on the program.
The remaining balance is due 8 weeks prior to your chosen start date

2 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

3 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

4 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

5 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

6 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

7 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

8 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

9 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

10 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

11 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

12 weeks


What's included?
Where does the money go?

Why Pay to Volunteer?

It’s a really important question and one we get asked a lot! After all, you’re giving of your time and skills to help those in need, why should you then also pay for the opportunity to give?

Well, there are a number of big reasons, so let’s take a look at a few of the big ones:

  1. If you’re not paying for the expenses related to hosting you, someone else is – this would usually be someone in the community in which you’ll be working. Many of these communities are under serious financial strain, even without having to cover the expenses like food, utilities, transport, and lodging associated with hosting a volunteer
  2. There a bunch of people involved in making your volunteering experience a reality, for almost all of them, this is their full-time job and they get paid a salary. These can be people who manage the logistics of the project or those who provide emergency support or they could be staff who ensure the project runs continuously, to make certain that the communities continue to benefit even when volunteers aren’t available
  3. These programs require continuous development and that costs money – for many of the projects we work with, volunteer fees form the bulk of their income for operating expenses. These fees also ensure programs can develop further and adapt to the needs of the community as it continues to grow and evolve

A portion of your fees will also go towards the marketing and awareness generation for the project so that the most suitable volunteers possible can be recruited ensuring the positive social and environmental impact is the maximum possible.

So where does the money go?

We believe in being transparent about finances and only work with partners who can clearly show where the fees paid by volunteers go. For this program it looks as follows:

Volunteer Cost Breakdown


Operational costs are the major portion of any project and include everything from accommodation, food, and transport to staffing costs for stuff like 24/7 support and continuous operation of the project. Included here will also be tools and equipment needed, for example, teaching materials for schools.

Marketing and awareness

This will include all costs associated with generating awareness about a project and getting volunteers signed up to the right one for them. This helps us recruit the best possible volunteers and match them with the most suitable program while raising awareness for the needs of the environments or communities in which we operate.

Program Development

Profits made from volunteer projects are invested in the development of new projects. We spend a great deal of time investigating prospective projects and partners to work with, vetting each one carefully, according to strict criteria. These funds are then also used to set up new programs and ensure they’re ready to start advertising for and accepting new impactful volunteers.



We have intake dates running generally twice a month for this program but with limited availability on each intake and the popularity of this program, they can fill up well in advance.

It’s best to speak to our Enrollments Team about intake availability and reserve your spot on the program sooner than later.

Intake DateCan I still apply?
November 18th 2019Closed
December 2nd 2019Closing September 30th
January 6th 2020Intake OPEN
January 13th 2020Intake OPEN
January 27th 2020Intake OPEN
February 10th 2020Intake OPEN
February 24th 2020Intake OPEN
March 9th 2020Intake OPEN
March 23rd 2020Intake OPEN
April 6th 2020Intake OPEN
April 20th 2020Intake OPEN
May 4th 2020Intake OPEN
May 18th 2020Intake OPEN
June 1st 2020Intake OPEN
June 15th 2020Intake OPEN
June 29th 2020Intake OPEN

What’s Included

  • Airport pickup and dropoff from Zanzibar Airport, ferry port or hotel in Stone Town
  • Transport to program activities
  • Accommodation at our beachfront volunteer house for the duration of your stay
  • 3 meals per day cooked by our local in-house chefs (Monday to Friday only)
  • Thorough pre-departure support
  • 24/7 in-country support and 24/7 emergency contact number
  • All training relevant to this program
  • Welcome meeting on arrival and program orientation
  • Certificate of completion

What’s not included?

  • Flights
  • Travel
  • Meals on weekends
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance (we have great partners who can assist with the best insurance cover for your trip)
  • All personal items and toiletries
  • Criminal background check

Support & Safety

Moving to another country to live and work is a big step and we realize that safety can be a concern. Zanzibar is generally a safe place to travel but is it advisable to always be cautious and keep an eye on your belongings in busy areas.

Our organization prides itself on health, safety, and security. Upon arrival, you will receive extensive safety briefing regarding the do’s and don’ts of the local area. Our coordinators are there to provide you with 24/7 support given the fact that they live and work with you.


TravelBud’s savvy safety tips:

  • A safe will be provided on base for you to store passports and important belongings.
  • Buddy systems are great when exploring.
  • You are located along the coastline so do not wander around alone at night
  • Hidden pockets and belt-bags are a must-have when keeping your valuables safe.
  • Hydration is of utmost importance so, keep those water bottles filled and close by.
  • Remember you are a guest within the local village. Please be cautious, calm and collected at all times.
  • Be an active listener towards staff and be mindful of the cultural sensitivities and customs of the locals.
  • Be wary of the harsh African sun! Use sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat daily.
  • Make sure your in-country coordinators are aware of your whereabouts and keep emergency numbers at hand.
  • Our Support team will share many more tips and advice to help you feel prepared for the experience of a lifetime that awaits you on this program.

Testimonials & Reviews

United Kingdom Flag Michelle

UK • Female • April 19, 2019


I would definitely come again!

“I have really enjoyed this experience and it has made me appreciate what we have back in England. I work in a school and it has made me think differently about how my pupils see education. The community here are very respectful and really appreciate what we do. I would definitely come again and would encourage others to come.”

USA Flag Linda

USA • Female • February 22, 2019


Stay longer than a couple of weeks!

“Before and during our stay the support staff was outstanding. Accommodations and food were very good. The highlight for me was the adult classes at the community center where i found most students to be eager and engaging. Good lesson plans to maintain continuity from volunteer to volunteer. I volunteered for two weeks and would recommend that volunteers stay for at least three.”

USA Flag Sophie Kasm

USA • Female • January 25, 2019


It exceeded my expectations

“I have really enjoyed my time on this project. It exceeded my expectations in many respects, and I felt that the project was well organized. I think it would be beneficial if in future volunteers are informed in advance of what an average day might look like, and how time would be spent on the project. I found the coordinators to be very helpful and extremely friendly, which was great. I also found there to be a great mix of other volunteers and much more of a social element than I thought there would be, which has made the project more enjoyable. I was also really impressed by the extent of impact the project has on the local community, and for this reason, I would not hesitate to recommend this program to friends and family.”

USA Flag Martin K

USA • Male • February 22, 2019


A terrific program!

“A terrific program! The experience with the nursery children went about as expected, a bit chaotic and confusing at first. But the experience with the adult English program was more rewarding than I expected. They were eager, welcoming and engaging!”

Germany Flag Teresa

Germany • Female • February 26, 2019


I had such a good time in Jambiani!

“I had such a good time here in Jambiani! Being part of the community was amazing, if I would have been a tourist, I wouldn’t have the same experience. Teaching kids in the morning was sometimes exhausted, cause I am not use to teach 40 kids, but I really enjoyed, seeing them getting better each day makes me proud, and feeling good in what I am doing. Adult-Class in the afternoon was also really good, every week we got a new Theme so it never gets boring. Community-Project on Fridays was also one of my favourite things, cleaning the beach, or going on Dullas farm to pick vegetables for buying water for the Community a great experience.”

Australia Flag Skye Baker

Australia • Female • February 04, 2019


Excellency in Jambiani!

“I give excellent ratings for all components of my experience in Jambiani. The project itself, despite involving a teaching role that doesn’t relate to my career or study at all, was interesting, rewarding and impressive in many aspects. The trip was explained very well and the coordination of my arrivals, departures, etc ran smoothly without any misunderstandings or issues. We got to know a variety of locals who taught us new things about Zanzibar, and helped us learn everything we needed to know while making jokes and making us feel welcome. I felt very safe in Zanzibar, and even though I was lucky enough not to get sick at any stage during my trip, I believe if I did then it would have been able to be resolved or dealt with very well.”

Austria Flag Hannah Lenz

Austria • Female • March 22, 2019


An opportunity to really help a community

“It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. You were so close to the community and helped in schools, adult class where you learn so much about your students and the life in Zanzibar and Tanzania and could impact the environment in the village and the life of the society of Jambiani by joining the community project.”

USA Flag Jill Mattox

USA • Female • January 24, 2019


This experience has changed me

“Everything was wonderful in Zanzibar. Beautiful place to spend a few weeks making a difference in the lives of the locals as well as a meaningful impact in my own life. This experience has changed me, I will never be the same.”

Why Volunteer with TravelBud?

It can be scary and intimidating traveling to a foreign country and the complex documentation and requirements can be overwhelming and confusing.

With TravelBud, you’ll always be talking to someone who has volunteered abroad before, so you’ll get informed, first-hand advice to guide and prepare you for your experience.

Pre-departure support

Our support managers will assist with all planning, packing, visas, costs, documentation, booking flights and answering any questions you might have.

24/7 In-country support

Our in-country partners will be available for the duration of your volunteering experience. If you need any assistance or advice, or in the event of an emergency, we’ll be on hand!

Volunteering placement guaranteed

Destination and program orientation

Certificate of completion

Accommodation, transport and spending money

Chat to our enrollment coordinators for more specific details about budgeting.

Knowledge and advice

Our enrollment coordinators have volunteered abroad and have first-hand insights on our volunteer abroad destinations and programs.

Airport pickup

So you don't have to worry about getting to your accommodation.


Flight and Visa assistance

Travel insurance

We'll assist you with the additional purchase of your travel insurance via our insurance partners.



We believe in being fully transparent. TravelBud does not operate the programs on the ground but works extremely closely with our operations partners to ensure programs are responsibly run, offering volunteers an impactful, valuable and secure experience. We only partner with ethical volunteering operators who adhere to our commitments outlined in the section above.

Our focus is on extensive support, from prior to signing up to once you’re abroad, to (hopefully!) your next volunteer trip with us. This is a service we’ve crafted over several years and have an experienced team, dedicated to ensuring you are matched with the best program for your needs and are 100% prepared for the adventure ahead of you.

This leaves our partners free to focus on what they do best: ensuring that once you’ve arrived, your volunteer experience will be as impactful and life-changing as possible. You do not pay anything extra for the service TravelBud provides, we have matched our fees to those of our operations partners.


This program addresses the biggest needs of the local Jambiani community which include early childhood education, employment for young adults, and women’s empowerment and gender equality. We work hand-in-hand with the local community to empower and uplift them through education.


To ensure that all children receive the essential attention they need at school during the critical ages of 3 to 6, unemployment is reduced as more young adults have access to jobs in the tourism industry, women grow their independence and gain equal access to education, employment, and general safety and well-being.


Impact reports are published every 3 months to showcase the achievements and progress that has been made to achieving this program’s immediate and long-term goals. We publish these on our website and a summary is provided in the “Impact and Focus Areas” section of this page. We believe it’s critical for volunteer programs to be able to showcase a high level of impact being achieved on a regular basis.


In short, no. This is an extremely important question to ask as volunteer programs should empower local communities and not displace what could be an employment opportunity for local people. Our volunteers work alongside local members of the community to assist in areas of work, critical to the growth and development of the local community, where there are no funds to hire local staff and where unpaid volunteers are needed. The work carried out by our volunteers on this project focuses on educational empowerment and skills development to increase employment opportunities for all members of the community – young children, and both adult men and women.


A Child Protection Policy is strictly enforced to ensure that all children and young people are provided with the appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of our volunteers and program staff. Our Child Protection Policy is based on the United Nations Standard for Child Protection.


We are very conscious about our environmental footprint. As part of our program we educate volunteers to be more environmentally responsible travelers. We’re conscious of the meals we provide and the environmental impact of different food types, we avoid plastics as much as possible, insist on recycling, conserve water, amongst a range of other measures. Volunteers on this program will also be actively involved in a variety of different locally-run environmental initiatives, such as beach clean-ups, environmental workshops and presentations, a newly formed “Conservation Club”, and environmental responsibility forms an integral part of our educational curriculum for local young adults who attend our Education Centre.


All volunteers will be required to agree to a Code of Conduct for this program which enforces responsible and respectful behaviour in terms of the local culture and people, the local environment and species, and fellow volunteers.


Thorough risk assessments have been carried out for this program and careful risk mitigation and control measures are in place in the event of an emergency. These are explained during orientation that takes place at the beginning of the program and are constantly reviewed.


The health and safety of both volunteers and local members of the community is extremely important. This is why we have fully trained project staff on hand and available 24/7 for all volunteers, regular risk assessments are carried out and health and safety measures are reviewed constantly to ensure our volunteers are protected at all times while participating in this program.

We’re Here to Help

We’ll answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way!

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