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What makes us different to other teach and volunteer companies?

We’re not a recruitment company who just finds you a job and we do not receive any commission from any of the schools in our network.

We’re much more about giving you the best level of support than simply getting you a job. See what past TravelBud teachers have to say about us below.
When it comes to making the big decision to move abroad to work, teach, or volunteer, it’s important to know that you are going to be fully looked after, and that this is the right experience for you.

Many companies sadly don’t offer the support, passion, and first-hand experience required to ensure that participants have the best time possible during their experiences abroad. This is TravelBud’s top priority.

Our mission

Our mission is to share the transformative power of immersive travel which expands world views by creating global citizens who are more prepared, responsible, and compassionate humans.

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At TravelBud you’re not embarking on a journey, you’re partnering with a team who’s walked the path before you and believes in the reasons you’ve chosen to leave the safe routine of life back home to expand your horizons through new immersive travel experiences.


We’re proud of our service. Our reviews reflect our dedication and passion towards all our applicants.

TravelBud on Facebook

Based on 63 reviews

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BethAnn Allison, Thailand


I came across the website for TravelBud by accident. And am so thankful I did! I know people who came to teach in Thailand through other companies and it was not near as smooth for them as it was with me and going with TravelBud. Peter responded to emails promptly and answering all the seemingly silly questions I had! He had also taught in Thailand and was able to answer questions with first hand experience. it was also nice that he was in Hua Hin whip we were too. TravelBud cares about us and it showed!

Natalie Marais, Thailand

“My Travelbud Experience :)”

Travelbud has made a nerve-racking decision to move from a tiny town to the other side of the world, the easiest thing to do. The team has been there every step of the way and assisted me with everything including my visa application, resume and flights, amongst many other things.

The team is extremely efficient and every query and question (even the silly ones) are always answered within seconds, literally. I am so excited for my upcoming travels and I feel safe and confident because I know that if I need a little help or guidance that Travelbud will only be a phone call, text message or email away.

If you are considering going abroad on an adventure, I wholeheartedly recommend that you get in touch with the Travelbud team in order to maximize your experience. Thanks guys, you are the best!

Lindsay Biffen, Thailand

“Teaching, traveling and loving life”

From the very first moment I decided to teach abroad TravelBud has been there supporting me and guiding me every step of the way! I didn’t feel like I was another number on a long list of clients that gets forgotten about once you leave home. TravelBud has remained in touch with me long after I left South Africa, making sure I’m still happy and have no concerns or worries.

I found that working through TravelBud was one of the best decisions I could have made. They provided me with all the information I needed to know and, through personal experience teaching in Thailand themselves, were able to share with me some authentic stories about what I was diving into. They truly are a wonderful company, that caters to their clients needs, and never lets any detail go unmentioned. I felt very confident having them at my side while I continue on this journey, and recommend them to anyone interested in teaching abroad.

Dominic Valentine, South Korea

“Highly recommend”

Travelbud helped me to find a job in Korea and put me in touch with all the right people. I would highly recommend someone going to teach in Korea for the first time using their services. When I first decided to go to Korea I had no idea of what I would have to do to get there.

Travelbud assisted me in finding a job and were always helpful when I had queries or issues about working in Korea.

Francois Kuhn, Thailand

“My two months in Thailand”

My experience in Thailand has been wonderful so far. It started in Hua Hin where we did the TEFL course. It was hard work but also so much fun. I loved so many like minded people from all over the world and making lifetime friendships. I will never forget my time in Hua Hin.

My friends and I were placed in a Trang. A small “city” in the south of Thailand. I’ve only been here for a short while but I love it already. There are so many beautiful mountains all round and awesome secluded beaches not too far away. Trang has all the awesome sights other tourist places have minus the tourists, ensuring a proper Thai experience.

I love what I am doing and I love being in Thailand

Khensi Maluleka, Thailand

“Teacher Training in Thailand”

I arrived in Thailand on the 23rd of September 2015 nervous, excited and beside myself. No amount of research and conversations with past travelers can prepare you for the gem that is Thailand. This country has taken my breath away and to now have the opportunity to teach here is an absolute thrill. The people, places, culture and language are all so enlightening to be around and witness.

In months before my departure my agency TravelBud has been offered amazing assistance in getting me prepared and keeping me informed. All things from funding, what to pack, how to address the locals was explained to me thoroughly. My visa application had minimal problems and so did my travel details. The level of support from you guys has been so pivotal in getting me excited to come to Thailand to teach simply because I was kept in the loop for all things concerning my trip. I also do appreciate the team keeping in touch and checking in to see how I’m doing.

Overall I’ve had a great service experience from TravelBud and more so I’ve received a great support system that I know will continue well within my time here in Thailand.

Jacqui Herbst, Thailand

“Easy transition into Thai life”

From the outset Travelbud have been very helpful with helping me make the move to come teach in Thailand. From the very first day I sent an inquiry, up to the day I started working (which was today) the staff at Travelbud have been very accommodating and available for questions and queries. Peter has made a huge effort to get to know us on a personal level and has been there to answer questions ranging from the best places to see in Thailand to how to go about your visa renewal.

Coming to a foreign country is scary, but Travelbud has made it so much easier.

Samantha Ross, Thailand

“So nervous but so prepared”

I can honestly say that this has been the scariest experience of my life. Moving abroad alone to teach when you have never taught before is not an easy thing. But never once did I not feel like I was completely looked after. TravelBud had my back every step of the way and every time I felt like I was getting lost, Travelbud was there to guide me. It has been the most incredible experience so far. Every day is a challenge but the best type of challenge. I cannot wait for the next 6 months (maybe more, probably more) months of my life here in Thailand.

Keegan Watkins, Thailand

“TravelBud Experience”

TravelBud have been an immense help in my teach abroad venture, allowing me to explore all possible options from the comfort of my own home. A thoroughly reliant agency with quick and friendly service, especially for amateur travellers.

Bonny Segopolo, Thailand

“Journey of self-discovery”

I really like this place. This is the best decision ever. Thai people are friendly. Ive never felt this at home away from home. For as long as you smile and you are willing they will always let you in.

Shaun Marshall, Thailand

“Teaching in Thailand”

So after much thought and consideration I finally decided to take the plunge and commit to teaching in Thailand. To do this I went through TravelBud who were really awesome and helpful. They assisted me with all travel documents and provided a lot of information as to what I should expect when going over. Once I arrived in Thailand I knew this experience was going to be amazing, I completed the TESOL course here in Thailand and during the course I met many like-minded people. They were all fantastic individuals and we have all managed to stay really close friends even though we got placed throughout the country. So far I have been teaching Pathom 3, 4 and 5 for the last 5 months. This journey has just gotten better and better throughout my stay, the assistance from the friends I’ve made here as well as from TravelBud have been amazing and they all make the life here much easier.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone thinking of doing it. It will really stick with you for life. Finally, I would like to say thank you to TravelBud for their continued support and assistance.

Lisa-Jo Snyman, Thailand

“Incredibly helpful and friendly”

Travelbud has been absolutely amazing in assisting me with my move abroad, doing my TEFL/TESOL course as well as helping me get placed at a school.

The staff have been incredibly helpful and friendly, and they’ve truly gone out of their way to make sure that I understood and felt comfortable with the entire process of moving to and teaching in Thailand. It was one of the best decisions to go through this process with them!

Jessica Olckers, Thailand

“City loving girl in a quiet rural village”

I’m a 24 year old suburban girl from Cape Town South Africa. I moved to Thailand in April 2015 to teach English with the help and support of Travelbud. This was the biggest decision I’ve ever made, and naturally I had loads of questions and concerns. I put my trust in Travelbud and shortly my concerns became less and less and my excitement and confidence became more and more. During my 1 month training I not only formed friendships with people all over the world but I also learnt about Thai culture, which helped me to truly understand the Thai way. From the start Travelbud is open and honest with what we can all expect from this experience and they not only were our coaches but become a family to us teachers in Thailand.

Coming from a busy city I didn’t want to be placed in Bangkok but preferred to be somewhere more rural. I was placed in a Christian School 2 hours from Bangkok in a small Thai village. I won’t lie, it took some time getting used to the village life where the people stared, fascinated by the new westerns but in time this village of no more then 2000 people became my home.

Just a 5min walk to my school, I wave to my regular ice coffee lady (who can’t speak a word of English and nearly cries with excitement every time she see’s me), a local shopkeeper who specifically learnt “hello” after meeting us (and now says it every chance he gets) and of course the fruit lady who laughs every time i say hello in Thai. I am welcomed every morning with overly excited students eager to start class (in the hope I will not teach but rather play games) and I’ve only been awake for less then an hour and I have already smiled, waved, high fived, laughed been greeted and greeted a handful of people.

Teaching English is a challenge but just when you think the students will forget what you’ve taught, the minute you leave the class, a few will run up to you and repeat the English words and try ever so hard to ask you something in English but that right there is the most rewarding feeling ever.

Some words of advice: Make friends with Thai people in your community and importantly make friends with the Thai teachers in your school. Remember you are in a culture that is most probably very different to yours so be open minded and try new things. Thai people love to feed you and invite you places, go with them, eat their food, and they will love you forever. You may experience some culture shock and homesickness so talk to people around you, reach out to your loved ones and support systems because getting through the hard bits will be well worth it (trust me).

So I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes I learnt during this experience
“You might not always get what you want, but if you try you might find you get what you need”- Mick Jagger

Jacobus van den Berg, Thailand

“Finding myself”

All in all this has to be the best experience in my life. I have met some of the most awesome people here and experienced the most amazing things from islands, to caves, to a country wide water fight!

Teaching is also a great experience and everyone is super friendly and helpful. there are minor challenges I have faced but here there is ALWAYS some to assist somehow just smile and ask!

Megon Roos, Thailand

“2016 Tesol experience with Travelbud”

Myself, my boyfriend and both our best friends embark on this amazing Journey. We left South-Africa the end of March and spent the month in Hua Hin for our TESOL course. It really was a action packed filled 4 weeks, first week was cultural orientation and the other 3 weeks was in class training, 120 hours, where they prepared us to be the best teachers and where we also got practical experience presenting our lessons to other class mates and got critical feedback and where we had to improve upon. We also got to teach two days at english camp for Thai kids and it was an awesome experience. I couldn’t have ever been more prepared to be a good teacher.

Before coming on this journey we didn’t quite know what to expect but after the month, the people in our group where from right across the world, people in our group from all over the world who was strangers in the beginning and felt like family in the end was sad saying goodbye. This is an incredible experience and would recommend this coarse for anyone.

Travelbud was amazing from start to finish helping and assisting us with this journey.

Ryan Thompson, Thailand

“My TravelBud’s better then yours”

I’m now more then a year and a half in to this “teaching stint” and loving it. I was concerned when i began about my not so great recollections of …. well everything from verbs to parallelisms…. I was nervous and thought I would find myself unprepared. This was not the case.

The great blokes at TravelBud have TO THIS DAY kept contact, always quick to reply and with a vested interest in your well being. It really is just fantastic to know that your family, as much as they care and as busy in there own lives as they are, don’t have to be there 24/7 because travel bud always is.

I have been fortunate enough to travel much of this world and doing a myriad of jobs to keep myself going, from the second i made contact with travelbud, it was just like all the stress and strain was off my shoulders and i simply floated downstream to a comfy well paid job in paradise, sheer bliss.

Credit must of course get spread around to the partner companies TravelBud is associated with but all in all, to any who read this, signing up with these guys is a good idea, because they don’t half arse it and really put themselves right in your shoes with you.

A company you can trust in a market riddled with many you can’t.

Thanks guys

Katy Brand, Thailand

“Teaching Kindergarten in Thailand”

I had a couple of friends teach English in Thailand and try all had amazing experiences. When I decided to do it myself after having studied. I went through Travelbud. I thought they were great as they have experienced teaching in Thailand themselves and I felt that their opinions where honest. Thy were also very efficient with answering any questions I had. Doing the actual course in Thailand was definitely a great option. I met lots of people which has created a great support system. I very happy with my placement at a private Christian school.

I stay on the outskirts of Bangkok which is great because it is easy to get into central Bangkok on weekends, but you are not stuck in the middle of the city. Accommodation is great and there are western food options nearby which is nice if you miss home food. I love teaching kindergarten. It can be very tiring, but everyday I experience something special. The children are really loving and enthusiastic.

Mitchell Sabido, Thailand

“Saffas in Asia!!”

My experience here so far in Thailand has been some what absolutely incredible, I was definitely out of my comfort zone at first but that was broken within the first week. The laid back, chilled out vibe that Thai people give across is just amazing! It’s been amazing working with Thai teachers and staff and the social life is amazing when wanting to make new friends and experience a thrilling new culture other than the normal culture we go by at home.

Nicholas Skeen, Thailand

“Why I’m in Thailand”

The question that I haven’t quite found the answer to yet. Travelbud gave me the ability to catapult myself out of my cozy Jo’burg lifestyle into the unknown that is South East Asia. I was looking for a challenge, something fun but most importantly something that would make me grow in terms of my self awareness and understanding. So far Thailand has done exactly that. Thanks again to Travelbud for making the first step an easy one!

Janene Zaayman, Thailand

“The start to a new life full of blissful adventures”

Where do I even start?
This experience has only brought me happiness and smiles so far.
Ive been here in Thailand for a month going on my second month, and I can honestly say that my soul is happy 🙂
The experiences Ive experienced is breath taking.
Words cannot describe what Thailand is about, the people you meet the stories you hear and the Pad Thai you eat! My best experience so far was the day at the beach.
It was a lovely day we were 7 scooters on the road. When we got to the beach I was speechless! It was so beautiful, we all swam to the islands and had a picnic with some random thai friends.
It was the best day!

Licia Randall, Thailand

“Escapade in Thailand”

Travelbud has been helpful from the moment I first contacted them. This is obviously a big move and many questions brew up in a person’s mind but Travelbud answered all of them as quickly as they could. No matter how stupid the questions. They were very patient and reassuring through out this whole process. They helped make this journey easier and comfortable by always offering their help and giving advice. I am now in Thailand, about to start teaching and enrich my life.

Travelbud helped to get me here, I would like to thank them for all that they have done.

Cherer Smith, Thailand

“Get out there!”

Getting on that flight to Asia, and not knowing what was ahead of me was extremely nerve wracking, however, looking back, I can quite easily say it was one of the better decisions I could have made, to come and teach abroad. I have pretty much settled in to my permanent placement in Trang, South Thailand, and cannot wait to make this place home, I already love it ! There are many obstacles and good times ahead, which will happen as they are meant to, but for now, I will just embrace the present, and let Thailand sloooowly consume me !!

Devon Newman, Thailand

“Best time of my life”

So far my experience preparing me to teach abroad in Thailand has been intimidating and challenging. However, it has also been the best experience I could have possibly imagined. It has helped me grow and already has been a rewarding experience.

While it is difficult to identify one specific occasion, the best part of my time here has been meeting a variety of new, yet like-minded people from all over the world. After spending a month together with my new friends they felt like family!

David Williams, Thailand

“Thank you TravelBud :)”

A friend of mine recommended TravelBud to me. I contacted TravelBud and they were super friendly and efficient. With their advice, help and some paperwork I am now having the most awesome time here teaching in Thailand.

Thank you TravelBud!

Peter Staegemann, South Korea

“Detailed assistance at every step of the way”

TravelBud and their partners firstly offered great advice in the initial stages but once I had decided my location and timing they were quick to get me set up with interviews. They offer you detailed assistance at every step of the way and are always quick to respond to queries.

The school which they set me up with is awesome and I have been enjoying every minute of the experience so far. I would certainly recommend using TravelBud’s services.

Katelyn Travers, Vietnam

“Very helpful”

TravelBud was very helpful in organizing the adventure for us and answering all of our questions promptly. Everything went smoothly and we were placed in a great school for teaching. The certification course in Thailand was a lot of fun and also really helpful in feeling prepared for teaching.

We’re here to help

We’ll answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way!