What it was Like Doing my TEFL Course in Buenos Aires – Jonathan’s Story

Nick Paul

Nick Paul

June 6, 2018

Where better to do your TEFL course than in Buenos Aires, “the Paris of South America”? It’s the largest city and capital of Argentina, one of the most breathtaking countries in the world; considered by many as the safest in all of South and Central America. This is why it’s the perfect destination for teaching English abroad. Our TEFL course is located at the Palacio Barolo – a historical landmark as it was the tallest building in all South America when first built in the early 20th century.

This is a chat with Jonathan from the US, about his awesome experience doing the TEFL course in Buenos Aires.

Do your TEFL course in colorful Buenos Aires

Nick: Where are you from and what were you doing before leaving for Buenos Aires?

Jonathan: I’m from Ohio, USA. I was working for a company called UPS.

N: Awesome, so what made you leave home to go on this adventure?

J: I was getting really tired of the never ending grind of getting up and going to work on repeat so I decided I needed to see the world while I still had the chance.

N: Talk us through the procedure of arriving, what were your first couple of days there like ?

J: It was daunting at first, but Buenos Aires is such a beautiful city so it made it a lot easier. Especially being able to walk around and explore it for myself.

Exploring Buenos Aires while doing a TEFL course

N: Definitely the best way to explore the city. Where was the class and did you enjoy its learning environment?

J: The class was at a great language school here in Buenos Aires. The people were super friendly and made me feel really comfortable. Learning at the Palacio Barolo also made each day that much more exciting.

N: How was your accommodation? How was your typical day like?

J: I rented an apartment in a neighbourhood called Almagro, I was very comfortable there. My typical day involved an intensive session based on grammar and teaching methods, which was broken up by fun activities in between the sessions.

Buenos Aires is a big modern metropolis with a rich historical background

N: I hear Almagro is very awesome, what were you most nervous about before you left ?

J: I had never done any sort of teaching before so I thought maybe the course would be too hard for me. But the course leaders explained the topics so well that I really feel well prepared to start teaching. I am excited to get started.

N: Sounds like you had really great teachers, what do you feel you learned and have you changed since you started the course ?

J: The course gave me the proper tools to teach a lesson effectively and it taught me how to successfully plan a class. The class has made me feel more confident to speak in front of a group of people.

N: Have you had the chance to travel during/after your TEFL course?

J: I have not had a lot of time to travel during the course, but I’ve seen a lot of the city and certainly plan on travelling Argentina and greater South America after the course is over.

Developing a lesson plan with your colleagues on your Buenos Aires TEFL course

N: That sounds exciting, I’m sure you gonna love it! What do you have planned after the course?

J: My plan is to stay in Buenos Aires for a while and teach. Then I’m excited to get moving and visit other countries here in South America – there is so much to see!


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