Travel Around Panama While Giving Back as a Volunteer Teacher

Carolina Barraza

Carolina Barraza

April 9, 2018

At TravelBud, we’re very excited to announce our new volunteer-teach program in Panama, which combines two things we believe in as an organization: giving back to communities and traveling. As a participant in TravelBud’s brand new program, you’ll be empowering children in the beautiful town of Pedasi, helping them gain and improve their English language skills through an after school program. Moreover, you’ll also have the chance to get to know Panama with the help of locals and taking full advantage of the 3-day weekends this program offers!

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Because we know our participants love to explore, here are some travel highlights that you can enjoy while being a volunteer in Pedasi…

In and around Pedasi

A stunning white sandy beach in Pedasi

[image source] Pedasi is located on Panama’s Pacific Coast and sports miles of sandy beaches surrounding it.

You needn’t go too far for a wonderful adventure. Pedasi and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities. From enjoying sandy beaches to scuba diving and horseback riding, you will not be bored over the weekends in this charming town.

Even more exciting, our program takes volunteers in June and September, the perfect dates for enjoying the breathtaking whale-watching season. Just half an hour away from Pedasi, from June to November, you can spend a whole day watching entire whale families jumping out of the water. How amazing!

3 Day weekends give plenty of time to explore

We love to encourage our teachers to not only get to know their program location, but also the country itself. Our Panama program is absolutely perfect for this! Upon arrival, teachers stay in the historic district of Panama City for 2 days, which include a city tour. In addition to this, throughout their program participants get 3-day weekends off, the perfect amount of time to go experience some of Panama’s highlights.

What are those, you ask? We’ll here are just a few to get you excited:

Azuero Peninsula

[image source] Azuero is probably the epitome of all things Panama and well worth a visit!

The peninsula known as Panama’s cultural heart, Azuero is the place where the various aspects of Panamanian life intersect. From traditional festivals and carnivals that date back to Spanish rule to rainforests and islands, Azuero offers a true taste of Panama.

Pedasi itself is one of the towns and main attractions of this peninsula, though there are many other sights to explore. In Isla Cañas, you’ll be able to witness a myriad of turtles laying their eggs at night along the 14 km coast line. In Las Tablas, you’ll have first-hand experience of the Azuero festivals, street dancing and a slice of the Panamanian way of life.

Chiriquí Province

View from Volcan Baru in Panama

[image source] The views from Volcán Barú (on sunny days) are breathtaking!

Panama is more than turquoise beaches and white sand, and the Chiriqui province is living proof of this. With its majestic rainforests and national parks, Chriqui is all about the highlands. For a pleasant hike through rich vegetation, head over to La Amistad International Park. For the more adventurous, you can also visit Volcán Barú (and its surrounding national park), the only volcano in the country and the highest point in Panama.

Guna Yala Archipelago (San Blas Islands)

[image source] Okay so maybe Panamá is also about those white sandy beaches and islands.

Ranked #3 in Lonely Planet’s 2011 list of Paradises on Earth, this archipelago has one small island for each day of the year. The 365 islands are protected and preserved by the Gunas, the indigenous group that has authority over the territory. Their laws aimed at the preservation of the natural environment mean this archipelago isn’t marred by big business and pollution. Instead, it boasts beautiful palm trees, sandy beaches and the timeless charm of a true paradise on earth.


Interested in Teaching English in Panama? We’ll send you more info!


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