How to do a TEFL Course and Find a Teaching Job in Argentina

Carolina Barraza

Carolina Barraza

July 24, 2018

Our internationally accredited in-class TEFL course in Buenos Aires will prepare you to be a great teacher across the globe, but what about the practicalities of finding a job? Well, we’ve picked out this particular course with this in mind, so we’ve got you covered! Here’s how you’ll be helped in finding your perfect TEFL job abroad.

From the get go, our TEFL course prepares you for the kind of proactiveness you’ll need to find a great job, a skill you’ll find useful in Buenos Aires and indeed anywhere else in the world. Most program participants find employment within two weeks of graduation, and almost everyone gets a job within a month of having completed their TEFL course with us! To give you an idea, 90% of TEFL students in our program find employment, while the remaining 10% choose to go on to travel more before settling down somewhere.

Practical teaching experience is built in

So, how does our course help you find a job? To start with,  it’s incredibly hands-on. From your first lesson until your last, you’ll find that your tutors want to prepare you for teaching in the real world. Throughout the course, you’ll be engaging with real-life students, observing lessons, submitting lesson plans for feedback and practicing with both your peers and local Argentines, all to get you ready for your hours of teaching practice where you’ll be teaching a real class of English language learners.

By the time you start looking for jobs and getting interviews, you’ll find you’ll be prepared for almost any question thrown at you! You’ll have hands-on experience in classroom management and lesson planning. You’ll have worked on and discussed how to keep your students motivated and your lessons engaging. You’ll have made sure your grammar is in tip-top shape and will be able to recognize some of the difficulties second language learners face.

Get practical teaching experience built in to your TEFL course

Crafting your resume to appeal most to ESL employers

But we also know being prepared and good at your job is not always enough, so our TEFL course includes job workshops. During these, your tutors will help you tailor your resume, so you become an ideal candidate. They will also help you prepare for your interview and give you the kind of savvy tips that can only come with years of experience in running a TEFL course and guiding hundreds of students to finding ESL (English as a Second Language) jobs.

Buenos Aires makes an excellent (and stunning) place to work or a great base to launch your ESL teaching career from in Latin America

Getting your resume out to the best schools in the business

So now you’re ready: your resume is polished, you’ve done your interview prep and you are a confident teacher of English. What happens next? Well, our in-country partners have been in the language teaching world for over a decade, and they have developed a varied network of contacts with schools and language centers who are always looking for new teachers.

Our in-class TEFL course is intensive, but it is completely worthwhile. You’ll find lifetime friends among your fellow TEFL students and become part of a network that can help you get anywhere you want.

Interested in doing your TEFL in Argentina? We’ll send you more info!



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