5 Reasons Why China is Still the Ultimate Teach Abroad Destination

Nick Paul

Nick Paul

May 24, 2018

Teaching English in Thailand is great for starting out and exploring the region with a backpack, as is Vietnam. South Korea is where the teaching gets serious, and so does the pay. But what do you do if you’ve done all this and don’t want to give up your working-traveling-teaching dream? The answer is simple: China.

View from the Summer Palace, Beijing.

Beijing’s historic architecture like the Summer Palace is a big draw for many visitors. Beijing is often one of the most popular placement for teachers in China as it offers the best pay and perks. Image credit.

This month we finally launched our much anticipated Teach English in China Program after sourcing a school partner which meets our high standards for round-the-clock support. We thought it would be a great idea to see why China, despite being one of the first teach abroad destinations, continues to be the holy grail for many TESOL teachers the world over.

1. The Lowest Program Fees

While most programs cost between about $1500 and $1900, you can join our China program for FREE. Why? Well simply put, the Chinese government and the school subsidise the programs to encourage top quality English teachers to pick them over neighbouring countries. Learning English is a serious business in China – they’re not messing around!

2. Multiple Big-City Options

With many of the other programs such as Thailand, you get placed after you arrive and while that’s great for adventure in a smaller country, teachers venturing to China often look for a little more surety before signing up.

Our program offers choices of placements in 11 major cities around the country, so you’ll know exactly where you’re going before you depart. You could pick that big city, capital feeling in Beijing, coastal chic in Shanghai or tropical heat in Guangzhou. Chat to us about which of the location options are best suited for you.

Shanghai's Skyline at night

The Skyline of Shanghai is has been rapidly developing for years. It’s a popular destination for teachers just starting out because it has the fewest restrictions on experience. Image source.

3. Incredible Pay

Did I mention that the Chinese are keen to recruit the best? Well if this doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will. Pay for a full time teacher is between about $2400 (US) and $3000 per month. For part time teachers it’s between about  $1841 and $1895 per month.

And in Beijing, you will get an extra $2260 over your first 3 months in addition to your monthly salary to help you get on your feet, and they will even reimburse you for the cost of your flight. You also get the possibility of monthly, quarterly and contract-completion bonuses. Just imagine the money you could save and the places you could travel to on that salary!

4. Smooth Arrivals

You’ll get free airport pickups included with your program along with up to 10 days free hotel stay while you look for accommodation, if you’re in Beijing that goes up to 14 days. Not only that but the school will help you find a suitable apartment once you arrive.

5. Benefits

Not counting that awesome salary, China programs also offer some great benefits to teachers. You’ll get free medical insurance throughout your teaching stint, you’ll be reimbursed for your visa & visa-required medical checks and you’ll get 21 days paid holiday per year (11 days of national holidays and 10 days of paid leave – 5 days for part-timers). You also get free Mandarin lessons and regular seminars and workshops to keep you on top performance and always improving.

Skyline of Hong Kong

Guangzhou is just a 2 hour train ride from Hong Kong, it’s no surprise that it makes such a popular placement choice. Image source.

Application Process & Support

If you’e liking the sound of those perks and are keen on applying I’ve got more good news for you! Not only is the application process one of the simplest with only 2 interviews with our school partner, we also offer comprehensive support throughout your application.

Whether it’s simple advice on how the interview works or more in-depth stuff like coaching you on how to apply for your visa, we’ve got you covered.

Oh, and you can apply for starting almost any time of year, vacancies are constantly available due to the high demand for teachers.

Who Can Teach Where?

An important difference with China is that where other countries accept multiple nationalities for placement in any location, China has different requirements for each region. For most nationality English-speakers (like US, Canada, UK, Australia etc), you can apply for almost anywhere in the country, provided you have at least 2 years teaching experience in any subject. Beijing is one exception where you’ll need to have that experience specifically in teaching English.

Shanghai is a great option though for the unexperienced teacher as they only require you to have a degree and have done an in-class TESOL course to qualify. If you’re South African though, as per government regulations, your options will all be in the North of China in Beijing and Tianjin.


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