TravelBud Have Arrived in Thailand

Stu Brown

Stu Brown

May 23, 2018

Co-founder and general manager of TravelBud, Liam Kelly and Stewart Brown, have arrived in Thailand where they will be situated for the next 5 weeks. For those who are not yet aware, TravelBud partner with the best TESOL training school and job placement team in Thailand. They have successfully placed over 2500 English teachers at reputable schools throughout Asia. Other than the fact that they are such a great bunch of people, this is why TravelBud maintains a great relationship with them.

Liam and Stewart are currently stationed in the town of Hua Hin. Hua Hin is where the TESOL school and TravelBud’s partners are based. It is a beautiful beach town located about 3 hours south of Bangkok along the Gulf of Thailand with the coastline on one end and mountainous jungles on the other.  The guys have been meeting with TravelBud’s partners and documenting this month’s TESOL course as it welcomes the largest amount of TESOL students to ever set foot in Hua Hin at one time – 120 to be precise. They have been filming photographing the course with several interviews being filmed with various TESOL students on the course.

This week was the first week of the TESOL course which is otherwise known as the Thai cultural orientation week. TESOL students learn about Thai culture, politics, history and also receive two quite incredible lessons on Thai language. There are also several enticing cultural excursions to the likes of a Buddhist temple, Muay Thai gym, artist village, and the dog rescue program run by TravelBud’s partner company.

This will all be published through various blog posts over the next few weeks. And don’t worry, the guys are still very much glued to their laptops ensuring that everyone in contact with either of them receives the top quality service TravelBud is dedicated to supplying its applicants.

Please contact Stewart at [email protected] or add him on Skype (stewart.brown90) if you have any queries.

Best regards

The TravelBud Team

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