Top 5 Unexplored Islands in Thailand

Stu Brown

Stu Brown

January 30, 2017 2 Comments

Thailand is blessed with thousands of beautiful islands both along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Some of these islands have seen rapid development over the last 10 to 20 years and are now packed with crowds of tourists, restaurants, bars and night clubs. Some of you might prefer the unexplored islands, those less travelled and off the beaten path. For your convenience, we have gone in search of the top 5 unexplored islands in Thailand.


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Koh Phayam

Bungalows on the beach in Koh Phayam

The less The less travelled neighbour of Koh Chang, this is the second largest island in the Andaman Sea. Although development is slowly growing on the island, this is the perfect spot to escape the crowds of Koh Chang and other tourist islands.

Bars, restaurants and accommodation are very much present but the overcrowding tourists are not. If you’re looking for an unexplored island with all the same perks as the popular islands in Thailand, this is perfect for you. For an atmospheric vibe be sure to hit up Long Beach in the southwest of the island – the surf is great here and several bars are located along the shore. For peace and relaxation, head up to the northeast of the island to Buffalo Bay which boasts calm waters and mangrove forests.

Snorkelling isn’t great off the coast of Koh Phayam but that’s not to worry – this haven is the closest island to the Surin Islands which boast some of the best diving and snorkelling spots in the world. Photo by the Beachfront Club

Koh Tarutao

Koh Tarutao is one of the most unspoilt islands in Thailand

Arguably the most unspoilt island off the coast of Thailand, Koh Tarutao enjoys a protected national park status allowing an array of wildlife and natural scenery to scatter the island. Many travellers might recognise the island on arrival as it accommodated the fifth season of the reality TV series Survivor.

As the island is managed by the national park, it is clean and beautiful and accommodation comes in the form of either camping or fan-cooled bungalows. Don’t be surprised if you bump into your fair share of langurs, turtles and wild pigs on this island which hides away from the masses far south in the Andaman Sea. Looking for an escape from the past-paced life? Go here!

Koh Lanta

Sunset over Koh Lanta Island in Thailand

This island comprises the largest of the more-than 50 islands present in the archipelago  located in the province of Krabi. Koh Lanta is perfect for those that seek all the same activities and natural beauty that island life has to offer travellers in Thailand but without the crowds.

This untapped gem boasts an array of white sandy beaches, which tend to be more busy up north, gradually getting quieter and more deserted further south. There is also one of the rare sea gypsy tribes located at the southern tip of the island.

To get around, a great and inexpensive option is to hire a motorbike for 200 Baht a day. Be sure to go on snorkelling trips and diving trips, jungle treks, and guided tours of the caves on the island when not relaxing under a palm tree on the beach.  Photo by Davidlohr Bueso

Koh Lao Liang

Limestone cliffs in Koh Lao Liang

If you are a fan of the infamous limestone cliffs which scatter many of the islands’ coastline in the Andaman Sea, then this is the island for you. Accessible only by boat, Koh Lao Liang has ensured that its visitors are kept to a minimum. With some of the most audacious limestone cliffs, coral reefs and white sand beaches, activities include snorkelling, rock climbing, and kayaking.

Due to its eco-resort status, development has been kept to a bare minimum with upscale camping at Laoliang Island Resort located on the beach the only option for those wanting to stay here for a few nights. At night, be sure to get involved with the seafood Braai (Barbeque) and park off at the bar for some night caps with your new friends and neighbours. Photo by Panoramio

Koh Bulon Lae

Koh Bulon Lae is one of the most unexplored islands in Thailand

One of the most uninhabited islands in Thailand, Koh Bulon Lae is ideal for those that enjoy the simple things in life and rely little on technology and electricity. In fact, electricity only runs from 5 PM until 11 PM each night powered by the main generator on the island. The island only has 150 local inhabitants which comprise the small fishing village along the western coast of the island.

The eastern side is scattered with several relaxed accommodation styles and tend to be more pricey to the southeastern side of the island – although even the most pricey accommodation is very inexpensive compared to the rest of Thailand. When not soaking up the sun’s rays on the deserted beaches, go explore the lush jungles to the west and take in the rare smell of palm oil the deeper you go.


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