Top 5 Party Islands in Thailand

Stu Brown

Stu Brown

December 6, 2018

It is no secret that Thailand is a host to some of the best party islands in the world. Every year thousands of young travellers make their way to Thailand in search of full moon parties, beach bars and clubs, and the non-stop party atmosphere that flows through many of Thailand’s more popular island destinations.

We have carefully selected the top 5 party islands for those planning a trip to Thailand in search of the most vibrant tropical islands that the Land of Smiles has to offer.

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Koh Phangan

One of the top 5 party islands in Thailand

Home to the full moon party which has to be the most popular party experience on offer to the party animals visiting Thailand every year, Koh Phangan is comprised of white sand beaches, palm trees, lively bars, clubs, a lot of alcohol, and of course the notorious beach party scene in the form of full moon parties.

Haad Rin beach is where to go for the full moon parties, beach clubs and everything else. The monthly full moon parties run year-round and consist of over 12 major sound systems, up to 30 000 people, and a ton of dance floors, djs, bars and drinks to choose from.

If you’re into the obscene and massive music festival scene or just want to check out what this unique beach party has to offer, we suggest you go here.

Koh Samui

Pool party at Ark Bar on Koh Samui Island in Thailand

Located in the Gulf of Thailand off the country’s eastern seaboard, Koh Samui is a favourite amongst young travellers and students. There are a variety of beaches to choose from, all with a different vibe and suited to different types of travellers.

The one that stands out the most to party fiends is Chaweng Beach which shows off with bright colourful lights beaming out into the ocean from the variety of bars and night clubs scattered along this beach. The area of Chaweng has even more to offer when it comes to late night drinking and dancing.

Koh Samui even hosts their own versions of the famous Koh Phangan full moon parties in the form of half moon and black moon parties. Be sure to check out Q Bar, Soi Green Mango, Ark Bar, the Islander and Soi Reggae when visiting this hip and happening tropical paradise. Photo by Ark Bar


Tiger bar in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of the larger islands in Thailand and is situated along Thailand’s west coast in the Andaman Sea. For years, Phuket has rightfully proclaimed itself as a hotspot for party-goers. It is a perfect destination for those that enjoy staying out through to the early hours of the morning, nursing their hangovers under palm trees on the beach the next day and then doing it all over again.

There are a variety of options available to all types of party enthusiasts. Karon and Kata beach boast a range of bars and clubs for tourists to waltz into and tend to be less crowded. Patong beach on the other hand is the most popular party destination on the island, with an array of nightclubs, bars, and strip clubs to attend.

Give Soi Sea Dragon, Seduction Beach Club & Discotheque, and Hard Rock Café a visit if you are lucky enough to stumble upon this ever-so buzzing island during your travels. Photo by Emmajuneborninmay

Koh Phi Phi

Slinky Bar on Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand

This little gem hosts an array of party scenes both for those looking for a dance floor and loud music and those seeking a laid back atmosphere. The island consists of three main areas. Loh Dalum is situated up north with a very relaxed vibe to it although the drinks, fire dancing, and bars are still plentiful, while Tonsai Village and Tonsai East are hosts to beach bars and clubs which attract those seeking a sleepless night of fun in paradise.

Koh Phi Phi is notorious for its “buckets” which include a bucket of ice, half a bottle of sugar cane rum, mixers and straws, and go for next to nothing in price. The island prides itself on having an enticing nightlife scene while remaining far from sleazy which tends to be the case of some of the popular islands in Thailand.

We recommend hitting up Carlito’s, Slinky Bar, and Hippies Bar. Photo by The Yacht Week

Koh Chang

Koh Chang has an awesome nighlife

Not every party animal enjoys dancing the night away to trance music with thousands of other travellers. Koh Chang is the perfect caterer to this bunch of nighttime socialites. This island has seen an increase in popularity over the years yet it still manages to avoid being one of the overcrowded islands in Thailand.

The most popular and vibrant areas on Koh Chang are White Sand Beach, Kai Bae, Lonely Beach and Klong Prao. A variety of different beach bars, beer bars, cafes and clubs are ever-so present along these beach areas where you will find like-minded travellers soaking in the great atmosphere that Koh Chang has to offer through to the early hours of the morning. Photo by

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