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My Experience Completing the Online TESOL Course

Stu Brown

Stu Brown

May 23, 2018

If you did not know already – one of the core philosophies that TravelBud stands by is providing all of our clients with first-hand advice and experience teaching English abroad.

We believe that it is crucial to provide our customers with first-hand advice and experience so that they are fully prepared for the Teach Abroad experience.

I recently completed the online TEFL course TravelBud provides to gain insight into what it entails as well as how it differs to other TESOL courses.

The following stood out to me whilst completing the 4-week TESOL course:


I found that the online TESOL course is very suitable to those that have a very busy schedule and cannot sacrifice a full four weeks of in-class TESOL training. I was able to work Monday to Friday on my daily TravelBud work and then focus on various assignments at night or over weekends.

Another perk of the online TESOL course is that it can be completed in your home country of residence prior to leaving to the country where you wish to teach.

Course duration

The online TESOL course takes place over 4 weeks and is 120 hours in length. On the Monday of each week, TESOL participants are given one or more assignments to do which are due by midnight the following Sunday. TESOL students are also given a detailed coursework book which includes detailed theory on each module covered throughout the TESOL course.

This, along with the summary lectures, video examples, and thorough provided by the head TESOL instructor, Austin Bentz, will ensure that you are fully prepared to teach abroad once you complete the TESOL course.

Modules covered

The Online TESOL course covered modules on:

  • Lesson Plan Development
  • The most effective methods of teaching English as a second language to children in Asia
  • Teaching English speaking
  • Teaching English reading
  • Teaching English listening
  • Teaching English grammar
  • Classroom management

There are various assignments associated with each different module and TESOL students are required to give a mock lesson plan over Skype to the TESOL instructor. I found that this helped me a great deal and I received tons of advice on what to improve on and on what will work well in the classroom.

At the end of the course there is a final examination to test the students on everything they have learnt throughout the course. The final examination, along with the assignments one has to complete, all add up to a student’s final grade.

Interaction on the discussion forum

During the course, what I really found helped and gave a boost to the quality of this training course, was the compulsory peer feedback that was required after each student submitted their assignment/s for the week. When submitting one’s assignment at the end of each week, it is required that you too post a copy of it in the awesome discussion forum incorporated into this online TESOL course.

It is also required that each student provides at least one comment on another student’s work, providing advice, criticism, and/or appraisal on different aspects of a student’s assignment. Thereafter, Austin, the TESOL instructor too provides his advice, criticism, and/or appraisal to each student.

I must say, I found that this helped me learn from my mistakes very quickly and gave me a great deal of confidence moving forward.

Overview and unique benefits of the online TESOL course

I found this online TESOL course to be extremely beneficial to me. The truly interactive nature of the course doesn’t seem to appear in the majority of other online TESOL training courses and I really believe that it was of great benefit to me. I have done a lot of research into online TESOL courses and can therefore truly vouch for this TESOL course being above the rest with its unique benefits.

I also found that this TESOL course is specifically tailored for those that wish to teach English in Asian countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and China.


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