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3 Reasons Why August is the Best Time to Start Teaching English in South Korea

Nick Paul

Nick Paul

October 2, 2017

So you’ve probably heard by now of the great financial benefits teaching English in South Korea brings. You’ve probably also heard that you don’t need any prior teaching experience to sign up. You’ve almost definitely heard that being based in the country affords you some incredible travel opportunities. One thing you may not be sure of, is when to start. We’re going to suggest that if you’re looking to start in the second half of the year, aim to start with the mid-August intake. Just don’t think that you can hold off until July to send in your application, but more on that below.

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English teachers in South Korea at Geognbokgung Palace

Start on the first day of the school year

You’ll have the smoothest transition into the public school system as you’ll be starting with the new school year in South Korea, so while teaching will be new to you, the class and year will be new to your students too. This means you start on a much more equal footing and it’s way less disruptive for both teacher and student.

Demand for teachers is also highest during this time of year as the schools are looking to replace teachers who have decided to return home at the end of the previous school year, it can mean a shorter wait for acceptance and an easier time getting an employment offer.

Plenty of time to save & plan

Moving to a new country is sometimes stressful process, we’ll be the first to admit that, all having done it before! But what can also be a strain is the finances since you’ll need to have on hand for plane tickets, visas, first month’s living expenses and in the case of teaching abroad, your program fee. Luckily teaching in South Korea means you’ll get the cost of your flights to the country reimbursed once you’re there and you won’t need to worry about rent as furnished accommodation is provided free of charge.

That being said, starting your application early, even as early as Feb or March, means you’re in the front of the queue (this program works on a first-come-first-served basis) for getting a job and all you’ll need to pay up front is a deposit to secure your spot. You’ll then have a few months to save up for the final program fees, flights and visas. This all means you could stick it out at your current job all the way until you’re ready to hop on that plane to ensure you have the maximum cash available for your trip.

South Korea is also the program with the longest lead time, meaning you need to get your application in no later than 3 months before departure. And at the risk of sounding like your mother, picking the August start date early in the year means you won’t be running around at the last minute to get everything in order.

You’ll get to keep your summer

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, we know how important summer is to you. Missing the warm weather, long days and endless barbecues with your friends and family is something that will be hard to forego. Some of your best memories probably come from your summer vacations. Also we know many of you who’ve recently graduated probably have part-time jobs to make some cash while you decide what to do with your lives. So, starting mid-August will allow you to make the most of your time to put some cash away and spend time with those special people in your life during the summer before committing to the classroom for the next 12 months. (Don’t worry, you get paid leave in South Korea too!)

Did you hear about our $250 off offer?

The first 50 applicants to be accepted and pay their program deposit will get a whopping $250 (US) off of their final program fees! Inquire with us today for more info.


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