Teach English in Myanmar: Accommodation in Yangon and Mandalay

on June 18, 2019

If you’re looking for a truly raw and deep cultural experience on the road less traveled, then our Teach English in Myanmar program is for you.

We thought it might be a good idea to compile a blog post with the types of accommodation teachers can expect to find in Myanmar. We’re going to be focusing on Yangon and Mandalay since that’s most likely where you’d be placed when teaching English in Myanmar.

Accommodation in Yangon

The information and pictures shown below were given to us by one of our participants, Jordan who was placed in Yangon, Myanmar and taught English at NELC Xplore.

“The rent for my first apartment was 600,000 kyat (400 USD) per month which was shared between 2 people, 300,000 kyats (200 USD) each. 6 months rent paid upfront seems to be the norm as well as an agency fee/deposit (which can vary from 1/2 months to a full months rent depending on the rental agreement) We had 2 bedrooms, living area, kitchen, western-style toilet, separate shower (it’s not always this way), balcony/balconies. As for air-cons I had 3 in my first apartment; living and bedrooms, while my second apartment which was much newer and cleaner only had 2, so one of the bedrooms had a fan.”
Yangon accomodation next to NELC Xplore

This is what your typical apartment block looks like in Yangon, it definitely looks a lot better inside.


Yangon Accommodation for English teachers

This is what your typical bathroom/laundry room will look like in this apartment block.


Yangon Accomodation for English teachers

This is a pretty basic room with a spring bed, not the luxuries we’re used to in the west but it does the job.

“This is the second apartment I rented for 6 months, this apartment was on level 7 (no lift) in the SanChaung area in Yangon – only a 10min walk from the Office.
This apartment was a pretty good deal and in great condition, the only issue was there was an aircon in one bedroom which worked great and one in the living room that didn’t really work (sometimes that’s just the way things are in Myanmar) so we had to buy a fan for the other bedroom as it had no aircon or fan.”
Accomodation in Myanmar - Yangon 1

Not everyone is gonna find accommodation like this is Myanmar, but it is possible.


Accomodation in Myanmar - yangon

This is the one room in the house, pretty similar to what you would get in many western cities.

Teach abroad destination Idea: Myanmar!

Despite the slow political change, the country is fast becoming one of the go-to places in Southeast Asia. Described by many as the hipster Thailand, it’s creeping into a lot of people’s bucket list. No degree is required to teach English in Myanmar and earning potentials are high. Teachers typically earn $700 – $1200 USD per month and with extremely low living costs, it’s the perfect location to fully immerse yourself into a new culture. Check out our video below on what life is a like teaching English in Myanmar:

Interested in Teaching English in Myanmar? We’ll send you more info!


Accommodation in Mandalay

The apartment featured below was given to us by one of our partners, Daniel, who works at a local school office.

“Rent is approx 500,000-600,000mmk (330-400 USD) per month. That is usually 2 bedroom with 3 air-con, western style shower, and toilet. In most instances, you pay 6 months upfront, no deposit or letting fee. A single room apartment about 400,000 mmk (270 USD) per month, but not common to find.
It is rare to find a place with month to month rent. Even though rent is somewhat cheap, paying 6 months upfront seems expensive, but the good news about what you don’t pay rent for 6 months.”

A rather spacious living room with all the amenities that a lot of living rooms in the west have.


A western style bathroom, with a western toilet and a separate shower. This is often not the case in Myanmar as the flats are still quite old and have the old infrastructure.

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