Why the cost when other programs are much cheaper?


  • Other programs offer no networking or events
    • Our partner offers welcome dinners, barbeques, teacher meetups, Skype calls etc.
  • Other programs don’t offer cultural orientation
    • Orientation is an important step in helping you integrate, adapt and be successful
    • Helps you with Culture Shock
    • You can meet other teacher travelers
  • We support you along the way for the duration of your experience.
    • Others only place you in certain times and with rigid guidelines and don’t offer the same support structure we do.
  • Our placement process is interactive, we find the right fit, prepare you and make sure you feel confident and supported.
  • We provide personalised Visa support when in-country.
  • We take teachers side in disputes.
    • Other agencies get paid by schools and side with them.
  • Our partners have 5 full time placement staff for Thailand 
  • Our partners have2 full time placement staff for Vietnam
  • Our partners have2 full time placement staff for South Korea
  • Placements with others like you are either in same schools or there’s another teacher in the same town.

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