The Life of an English Teacher in Buenos Aires – Amber’s Story

Ntobeko Ntombela

Ntobeko Ntombela

September 21, 2018

Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It presents people with a chance to experience Latin American culture while still in the comfort of a well-developed city. It’s the perfect location for anyone looking to teach English abroad. That is just one of the reasons why we recommend doing your TEFL course there.

This is a chat with Amber, who did her TEFL course in Buenos Aires and is now a TEFL course instructor at the same school as well as a part-time English teacher.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Tesol outside.

Not a bad day at the office.

How did you find out about the program?

Classroom session in Buenos Aires.

Focused teachers in training.

I had been doing research online for TEFL courses and found a link to the course on a traveler’s blog. I followed the steps and they put me in touch with their school in Buenos Aires.

Where and how is the Location of the TEFL school?

TEFL Students in Argentina.

Happy soon to be TEFL graduates.

The school is located inside the national historic monument Palacio Barolo, in the neighborhood San Nicolas, also known as Microcentro. The building itself is a retired lighthouse, standing 22 stories tall.

Created as a tribute to Dante’s Inferno, the building hosts three distinct architectural styles, all of course leading to the beautiful, picturesque lighthouse at the top. The neighborhood is bustling.

The school is a block away from the Congress building, and only a short walk down the major street of Avenida de Mayo to get to Casa Rosada (the pink house). Students are right in the action and get front row seats to government parades and protests.

What’s your favourite place in Buenos Aires?

I love a bookstore called El Ateneo. It used to be a theater, but now it’s a huge, elegant bookstore with a cafe where I can go to just unwind.

El Ateneo -Argentina.

A book store with so much culture.

Have you travelled around the country?

I have been to a few places by train, but I’m traveling to Patagonia next month!

What’s the nightlife like?

Night out, Argentina.

Girls night out, Latin American style.

The nightlife is so lively. There’s always something to do no matter what day of the week it is. There are really great bars and clubs, as well as alternative music of every kind. The city never sleeps.

And the food?

There is so much meat and wine. SO MUCH. And on the weekends? Asados.

What are the different teaching opportunities once you have your TEFL certificate?

Happy TEFL qualified teachers - Buenos Aires.

Happy TEFL qualified teachers.

There are many opportunities year-round. Jobs can be at institutes or you could have private lessons. Usually teachers have more than one job, totaling around 20-30 hours of work per week.

If you are willing to put in the work to get your resume out there and go to interviews, there will be a job for you. There are also a lot of great resources online, through TusClasses, Craigslist, and Facebook, you can always find more students looking for teachers.

During the course, what’s the accommodation like?

Tidy student pad - Buenos Aires.

Tidy student pad.

Participants can stay in the student residences or with a host family. The residences are with other students from the course usually, as well as with other students of Buenos Aires.

Participants can choose to have private or shared rooms in the student residences and will be responsible for their own meals.

When staying with a host family, they will be provided breakfast and dinner by a local Argentinian family. The families our participants stay with have been hosting students for years from all around the world and always love getting to meet and take care of new arrivals.

Give us a few examples of the nationalities that do the course

Smiles all round for the a TEFL class - Buenos Aires.

Smiles all round for the a TEFL class.

People come from all over the world. We’ve had students from the U.S., Britain, South Africa, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Pakistan, and many more.

Now that you’ve done your course, where you staying now?

I currently rent a one-bedroom apartment on my own. Since I am staying long term, it made more sense for me to rent longer leases.

Tell us about your day to day life in the city

Buenos Aires Sunset, Argentina.

Beautiful sunset views of the city.

My day in the city starts with a ride in the busy metro. I ride two metro lines to get to work, making my daily commute about 45 minutes each way. Then before arriving at work, I walk down the busy street of Avenida de Mayo where there’s always something new happening.

I bring my lunch and sit with students to chat about their transition into life in Buenos Aires. I head home on the subway and walk around my neighborhood through the parks, where I’ll most likely see a mom with her children, a musician playing in the street and a couple making out in the sidewalk.

La boca, soccer session, Argentina.

Playing soccer in the in La Boca.

Did you have any preconceptions of the city?

I had no preconceived ideas of Buenos Aires. I came here off recommendations from friends in Spain and I don’t regret it!

How has your impression of the city changed?

I love the city and I definitely have a new idea of South America. If I didn’t know any better, I would think I was in Europe.


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